A Plan to Restore the “Xanga Style” Community on “Free” WordPress

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Soullfire is Bringing Sexy Community Back

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It’s been close to a month OVER SIX MONTHS since Xanga has launched it’s “updated” “Xanga 2.0″, driven with the WordPress engine, and it’s still operating well below the “free” WordPress state. The “community” that was, disappeared with the end of Xanga 1.0 with the loss of free blogging, along with all of “1.0’s” community centric features like having a front page, ring groups, and general areas where users could find each other and congregate.

Xanga has given no updates – so no one over there knows how long the “non community” condition will last.

Many former Xangans like myself have moved their general blogging over to “free” WordPress but are also feeling a general loss of overall community that “Xanga 1.0″ had.

After using my WordPress site more often, I realized that it has certain features that will allow the former Xanga community to reconnect.  The answer lies in the “Reader” section, which is accessed by the top menu bar:


In the Reader section, on the right hand side, there’s a “Topics” exploration search column underneath “Find Friends”:


The topics search works by searching all the “Tag” keywords put in a blog and displays the blogs that have a match. Below shows an example of the Tag area in a new blog:


Tag words go on the bottom line separated by commas.

So once you’ve published a blog with certain tag words, it can be searched by others using the “Topics” search function.

Now here’s where the Xanga community restoration comes into the picture. All that’s needed are some common “key words” used as tags that will allow users to find posts by former Xangans. Searching on a particular keyword will be similar to using the Xanga “Blog Rings” to find a group of posts related to a similar interest.

Okay, to set this up, Xangans need to do the following:

Post a blog stating what your Xanga name was and what your current name is now. In this blog use the tag word “ID_Xanga“. This will let people search for other former Xanga users using “ID_Xanga” as well as identify the Xangans who have changed their usernames. The beauty of this is it will only pull up the blogs that use this tag, so you will have an exclusive Xanga search feature.

Next, when blogging, include the tag word “FreeXanga“. This will allow folks to find the latest blogs of former Xangans.

Following this format, we can now use keywords to group blogs by interest or subject, just like the former “Xanga 1.0″ Blog Ring or “Ish” sites. I’ve created a few tag words to get us started:

QOTD_Xan  – Use this tag word to post with a question of the day

Dollarish_Xan – Use this tag word to post with a money/savings/economic blog

Politicish_Xan – Use this tag to post with a political related blog

Rant_Xan – Use this tag to post with a rant type of blog

Drama_Xan – Use this tag for drama blogs – for the drama lovers, haha. =)

Townhall_Xan – Use this tag for general community info. This would be the tag to use when introducing new tag words to create a new search group.

FreeXanga – Use this tag in all your blogs to make them “Xangan” searchable.

I added “Xan” to the tag word topics to make it unique to Xangans, and it provides the general format for creating new search terms/groups. “ID_Xanga” need only to be used once for identification and to create a search list.

I think this should work to help restore the “Xanga 1.0″ style of community on WP, with the super bonus of now having a new world of people available to meet as well!

Note: The max number of searchable tag words is 9, so don’t add too many tags words to your blog.

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What America’s historic net neutrality rules mean in plain English


Big win for the consumer!!

Originally posted on Quartz:

The US Federal Communications Commission just adopted strict net neutrality rules that will treat the internet like a public utility. What’s in the new regulations? There are three major principles that internet service providers—like Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon—have to follow when sending data from their networks to your computer:

No blocking

Internet providers can’t prevent you from accessing “legal content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices” when you’re on the internet. This is intended to prevent censorship and discrimination of specific sites or services. Some open internet advocates worry the phrase “legal content” will create a loophole that might let internet providers block stuff they see as questionable on copyright grounds without a fair hearing.

No throttling

Internet providers can’t deliberately slow down data from applications or sites on the internet. That means, for instance, that a broadband company have to let all traffic flow equally, regardless of whether it’s coming from a competitor or a…

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FCC approves net neutrality rules for broadband Internet

Originally posted on Fortune:

Proponents of net neutrality scored a major victory Thursday when the Federal Communications Commission voted to pass tough new rules meant to regulate high-speed Internet providers and ensure an open Internet.

The FCC’s commissioners voted 3-2 to pass a set of rules proposed earlier this month by chairman Tom Wheeler. As was expected, the commission’s two Democratic commissioners voted alongside Wheeler, also a Democrat, while the two Republican commissioners accounted for the “no” votes.

Thursday’s vote comes a few weeks after Wheeler penned an op-ed outlining his plan to put forth what he called “the strongest open internet protections ever proposed” by the FCC. By approving Wheeler’s proposal, the FCC voted to ban paid prioritization on both wired and mobile networks while reclassifying high-speed Internet service as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act. The rule change will allow the FCC to treat Internet Service Providers (ISPs)…

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5 jobs that robots already have taken


Automating technology is moving from blue collar to white collar. Surprised to see now even complicated tasks/jobs in reporting, medical, law, and finance are going to highly skilled bots.

Based on what they can do now, the writing is on the wall for just about all skilled professions….scary!

Hope they figure out what humans will be doing in the future…. =:-0

Originally posted on Fortune:

For years now, some researchers have been anticipating that robots would take away jobs from humans. In the UK, Deloitte and the University of Oxford predicted that 10 million unskilled jobs could be taken over by robots. University of Oxford researchers Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne estimated in 2013 that 47 percent of total U.S. jobs could be automated and taken over by computers by 2033.

Some experts say not to worry because technology has always created new jobs while eliminating old ones ones, displacing but not replacing workers. But lately, as technology has become more sophisticated, the drumbeat of worry has intensified. “What’s different now?” asked Leigh Watson Healy, chief analyst at market research firm Outsell. “The pace of technology advancements plus the big data phenomenon lead to a whole new level of machines to perform higher level cognitive tasks.” Translated: the old formula of creating more…

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Trading Update: Revelation of Prior Methods – So Close!

Split the week between fine tuning what I learned from my errors last week using a sim account and following through with trying it on the real account.

A sim account is ideal for testing specific details of system methods without getting sidetracked/distracted by profit/loss. Actually, they are now pretty much identical to real accounts so those interested in testing the trading waters should definitely begin on a sim for risk free trade experimentation.

As I was working out my methods this week, it occurred to me how similar my techniques are today compared to what I was doing in the past when I was earlier on in this journey. I didn’t realize how close I was to locking down accuracy, but unfortunately, “close” wasn’t good enough. There were a few techniques I was using that I wasn’t applying it the proper way, and the outcome was mixed results. Sometimes the methods would work, and other times, not- and that inconsistency led me to move on to trying other things….not realizing how close I was to getting it right. The nuances of determining how to place a trendline can be so subtle but also make or break.  Interpreting the meaning of price reactions at trendlines falls into the same category as well.

On the other hand, although I had several “separate” methods close to figured out, I was no where near knowing how to put them all together in a unifying theory. That had to come with time, trial and error and some serendipity thrown in.

This is why it’s important to take good notes of one’s progress and market system updates. It’s critical for keeping track of what you are doing and the effectiveness of one’s current methods. That makes it easier to experiment and make changes, but also be able to fall back if you wind up too far off course and need to back track.

One full trading week left for February, and I plan on making the most of it.




New Fed Diet Expert Guidelines: Thumbs Up for Coffee,Eggs


A panel of nutrition experts hired by the Fed has come up with their diet recommendations/guidelines- and the often vilified coffee and eggs have been welcomed back into the fold.

Apparently even though eggs have a high amount of cholesterol, they can’t find a link between those who eat eggs regularly having a higher incidence of artery/heart disease than those who don’t. They say your  genes play an important role here as some are more genetically susceptible to high cholesterol problems that others. Those who do have health issues with cholesterol as noted by their doc should still refrain from excess.

Meats, especially red/processed meats get a yellow light, meaning we should cut back on this in favor of healthier fare.

The red light goes to sugary processed foods and drinks as high sugar intake is responsible for the rise in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.


Article here: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2015/02/19/387517506/nutrition-panel-egg-with-coffee-is-a-ok-but-skip-the-side-of-bacon



Week of Miscellaneous Updates

Today is Friday the 13th for the superstitious among us….

There were three winners to the Powerball Lottery Jackpot on Wednesday 2/11, which climbed up to a decent $564 million prize due to all the additional buying by folks who don’t normally play. When the prize amount reaches true odds, I’ll get a ticket.

One of the winners is a mother who had to quit her job to care for her kids. Nice to see someone win who can really use the money. Hopefully she avoids the excesses of newfound wealth that has ruined other big winners that are filed under “lottery curse”. She sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders, but she’s already made what could be considered a mistake – revealing herself to the public. Now she will be besieged by that many more folks for a slice of the lottery pie winnings.

It must be a surreal feeling to wake up one day and find yourself a multi, mutli millionaire. Any concerns you had about money instantly evaporate, and you are left with lots of interesting choices going forward.


The weather this year has been a tale of East and West, with the eastern States suffering under brutally cold temps while the western States enjoy an above average mild winter weather.


I was checking the temps of Boston and New York – both below freezing and going as low as single digits with many areas outsides the cities going into negative temps without even factoring wind-chill. The few weeks I was there was more than enough for me.

Meanwhile, it’s been in the mid 80’s during the day in Cali, with temps about 20 degrees higher than normal. It feels like summer. The only difference between now and “real” summer is the temps drop fast at night and the mornings can be brisk.

Part of me absolutely loves this extra warm spell we’re having, but there is a dark side to this weather pattern as well. Nice weather means less to no rain, which makes the multi year drought situation worse. One side of the country is getting too much precipitation and the other side not enough.

The trading week has been quite eventful. In a way, it was a rotten week in trading thanks to my own mistakes, but it was a great week thanks to the results of analyzing those mistakes.

I’m learning that new abilities lead to over confidence, which leads to making unforced errors….although this lesson isn’t new. It’s just shows up from time to time as a refresher to keep the ego in check.

I’m also realizing the continued huge benefit of after market analysis. For anyone who truly wants to learn how to read and trade the markets, there is no substitute for carefully analyzing all of one’s trades at the end of the day when all the market data is in. At the end of the day, you have the full answer key to compare to one’s actions during the day. Figuring out where the errors were made and what could have been improved on is what gets your brain in problem solving mode. It may take a while, a long while, but eventually your subconscious starts processing answers.

The results of this week’s analysis has led to another clearer understanding of market behavior that will be a big help in taking trades more often with recognizing more daily trading  as well as long term investing set ups.

The market reached new all time highs today, and the old me would have been affected by the seemingly contradictory market climb vs sluggish factors of the economy. Now where the market is doesn’t affect me at all nor does any economic forecasts. All I see is market movement and the battle between support and resistance.


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Jon Stewart is leaving “The Daily Show” after 17 years in the fake-news chair


Sad day to be losing one of the few people on network TV accurately calling out the game playing/lying going on in politics and business with a knock out combo of deadly accuracy seasoned with comedic genius.

Let’s hope his successor carries a torch just as bright.

Originally posted on Quartz:

Jon Stewart Portrait Session What will Comedy Central do now?

Jon Stewart will step down as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show later this year. The comedian, who has hosted his fake news program since 1999, announced the move in a taping of tonight’s show.

Stewart’s departure will leave Comedy Central, which is owned by Viacom, with an entirely new lineup in the 11 o’clock hour that it once dominated. Stephen Colbert ended The Colbert Report, which used to follow The Daily Show, late last year in anticipation of taking over CBS’s Late Show when David Letterman retires.

Late-night comedy was long dominated by the major broadcast networks in the United States before a few cable channels made a run for the timeslot. Stewart led The Daily Show to ratings that sometimes eclipsed stalwarts like Letterman on CBS and Jay Leno on…

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NASA filmed the rising sun meeting the northern lights for 15 incredible seconds

Originally posted on Quartz:

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station shot a video in the past week that shows the aurora borealis, or northern lights, glimmering green on the horizon as it meets the sunrise over earth.

It lasts for just fifteen incredible seconds.

As the station travels over the northeastern seaboard of America, it captures an interplay of light not only from the receding aurora and the coming dawn, but also from the cities flung out in luminous webs on land that the rising sun has yet to hit.

The film was shot by the station’s commander, Barry “Butch” Wilmore who wrote “#sunrise touches #aurora. All we need now are angels singing” when he posted the video on NASA’s Facebook page.

Washington D.C., Baltimore, New York City, and Boston have rarely looked so beautiful. The Atlantic is an expanse of cloud-spattered darkness.

Footage and photos taken by the two women and four men aboard the station, which includes…

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Trading Update: January 2015 Performance

January’s performance was on track for quite a respectable month, until I got Murphy’s attention…

That’s right – it wasn’t long after I made my post that proclaimed my “evolutionary” upgrade in trading awareness/knowledge, that I had my “Give me the ball coach!” moment to prove I’m not invincible….yet! =)

January Performance


Okay so here’s how the month transpired…

Taking my trades using my updated system that I verified last December was still proving to be quite successful. Actually it was “so successful” that I was starting to have a problem with it. The problem was after I completed a trade and took my profit, the market continued to move in the same direction by an extended amount, which made me think of all that “extra potential profit” I left on the table.

Now this type of thing happens as just a part of trading from time to time, but it was happening just about every time with my new system, so it started to weigh on me. My system can determine the minimum profit exit target that’s highly likely to happen but that’s just the minimum – it can go much further.

So now that the holiday season was over and I was back in town I decided to start experimenting to see if I could optimize my system to capture more of these extended moves.

I also grew impatient  waiting for my exact trading set up when I saw the market producing so many moves I couldn’t take advantage of since it wasn’t part of my expected move. This led me to start considering new positions that looked like they should also work.

Then on Friday, 1/30, the market produced this type of chart:

Chart of GLOBEX~@ESH5_1_30_15


This is an expanding megaphone type of move that happens when there is a violent struggle for dominance between Bulls and Bears. This can mess up many trading systems that are looking for a definite Bullish breakout or Bearish breakdown and generally confuse folks as what the market will do next. This is a great market move to see how one’s system holds up under fire, but not such a great one for experimenting on since there are so much whip saw moves going on.

So I picked the wrong day to be bold and brash and the market made me pay. Even worse, I had grown so confident that I loosened my risk stops, which made the losses that much worse and wound up flattening the month.

At the end of the day, I felt the double whammy of a big loss for the day, and having to post the results right after I made my blog about moving to the next level….doh! It’s like the market heard me and decided to show me who’s in charge. =)

So that was the dark cloud of Friday’s trading. But there is a very bright lining as well. Analyzing the market’s movement at the end of the day showed my trading system was fine, I was the one who mangled it up. While the losses were no fun- all the experimental trades and massive market gyrations opened up new doors of helping me see new strategies in capturing more big market moves. It also drove it home that I should not be changing my stop loss settings once placed. If my stops trigger, that’s the best signal that there’s something wrong with the current trade plan. One big difference between “2012 me” and “2015 me” is that “2012 me” went stopless most of the time while “2015 me” ALWAYS has stops in place.


 January 2015 Performance Versus Indices



Alert: Anthem Insurance has Massive Customer Data Breach Exposing Customer Data

This may be the worst consumer data breach in corporate history due to its scope of affecting up to 80 million Anthem customers as well as the data exposed.

It’s a jackpot for identity thieves as among the data exposed:

1) Name

2) Social Security number

3) Date of birth

4) Home Address

5) Employment Information

6) Income Data

7) Email address


This will clearly result in an investigation on why this data wasn’t encrypted with layers of protection so a breach would expose all this information.

This is as serious as it gets since most of this information is constant, unlike a credit card number which can be easily cancelled.

More info:



The article lists precautions to take for those affected, but I would also add to be on guard against fraud calls where the caller pretends to be security or some authorized agency like a bank or police to get additional personal information. Real agencies will never solicit personal data information over the phone or via email.