Science Points to Biblical City of Sodom Being Destroyed by Meteor

In the Bible, the city of Sodom was destroyed by brimstone and fire. As with all Biblical stories, there are always arguments as to the veracity of the stories. Do they have any basis of truth or are they fiction?

I always find it interesting when scientific research supports Biblical history. In this case excavation of a site in Jordan (believed to be the location of ancient Sodom) indicates an extremely hot explosive event occurred around 3700 years ago that is believed to be a meteor strike in that area that wiped out many cities during the Bronze Age.

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Trying to Beat the System Dept: Man Sneaks Past Net Guards to Gamble in NJ from California & Makes $$$

Did you know that people that live in New Jersey don’t just have easy access to visit the casino gambling of Atlantic City, they can also access casino gambling online?

Wow – that sure makes it easy – you don’t even have to leave your home to gamble…for better or worse. 😅

So if the gambling is available online is it open to anyone? Nope – just people that reside in NJ, they use online checks to determine your true location for eligibility status.

Well apparently, their location checking wasn’t perfect because a guy from California was able to get past the location checkers and gamble on the net. Not only that, but he was pretty good and earned about $93K over time. Not too shabby at all!💰💰💰

Unfortunately for him, eventually he was found out and the authorities caught up with him. They let him keep $2,500 of his winnings and confiscated the rest – to be donated to charity programs. 💸💸

Some lessons learned- that it’s hard to continually beat the system and those who repeatedly break the law increase their chances of getting caught.

My question- if he was losing money rather than winning, would the authorities still have pursued him and given back all his lost money since he wasn’t allowed to gamble? I have a hunch that he would not be getting a refund for his losses. 🤑

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Pi Day 2019: 6 Digits of Pi!!! 🍰 — Vi Hart

This is our 9th annual Pi Day video! Script: It’s March 14th, 2019. That’s 3 14 19, which as we all know are the first six digits of pi. Now this is our 9th annual Pi Day video, I understand by now there’s some of y’all who know a few digits of pi, or maybe…

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Man Who Earned $18K Filled Out His Tax Form With a Request For a $980K Refund…and Gets It.


A man who thought he could beat the system must have wondered what would happen if he filled out his tax form with false data that stated he had $1 million withheld in taxes before actually going through with it.

Would it work? Surely he must have known that filing an intentionally false return is against the law and subject to criminal penalties. Or did someone convince him that he would be safe?

In any case, the gentleman who earned just $18,497 that year decided to roll the dice and declare $1 million in taxes withheld and should be due for a refund. Surprisingly, the IRS complied and sent him a check for $980K.

Can you imagine what he must have felt when he checked the mail and saw a letter from the IRS, to find an enclosed check for that much money? I’m sure he must have felt like he hit the jackpot and won the lottery.

Now before anyone gets any ideas of following suit and sending in false returns, you know the “system” can be sluggish and make mistakes, but it also eventually corrects mistakes made against itself- often much faster than when someone else is poorly affected.

Needless to say, we know the details about what this man did because it wasn’t too long before IRS realized their error and sent out G-Men to pay this man a not so friendly visit to get the over payment back.

Oh well,…easy come, easy go!

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When Snow Packs a Punch: Roof Collapse and Avalanche

Falling snow landscapes can be picturesque and add to the holiday spirit in late fall/winter as the seasonal temps drop. For kids, it can look magical and signals opportunities for sledding and playing in the snow, and if things really go well, their school would be closed for the day due to snow.

However, for all those who have to deal with the snow aftermath such as blocked roads, trapped/buried cars and public transit shut down, snow is more nuisance and dangerous than magical.

Two instances of these problems happened this past weekend-

Wisconsin scouting camp lodge building collapse- unlike rain, snow doesn’t run off the roof and just accumulates. When there is an exceptional amount of snow, the total weight can exceed the capacity of the building to support it:


Fortunately, this building is only used for storage during the winter months and no one was injured.


In Colorado on Highway I-70, dash cam footage caught an avalanche of snow hitting the freeway:


Dash cam 1:


Dash cam 2:






Top Hedge Fund Managers of 2018- Bringing Home the Bank $$$

The art of trading on both the retail and professional level is clearly very difficult to master as seen by the extremely high rates of failure and/or low performance seen by the majority of those attempting it.

But if one can reach the rare air of true comprehension and competency of this esoteric skill set, you can attain the ability to make the market your ATM money printing press. There is no other field or industry where an individual can earn so much on a yearly basis.


Imagine you being James Simmons, who earned $1.6 Billion last year. Your earnings are higher than the GDP of many countries, more than several generations of combined lifetime earnings of most families, and that was just for 1 year!

The “pauper” of the list is Izzy Englander, who only managed to scrape up $340 million for the year.

These folks live in another world than we do.


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Classic Phrase “You Can’t Take it With You” Proven Wrong by CEO Whose Sudden Passing Leaves Company Unable to Access $150 Million in Bitcoin


The expression “You can’t take it with you” is meant to spur people to use and enjoy the wealth they’ve earned throughout their life lest they pass away leaving their money behind for others to spend/enjoy.

Well, with the advent of crypto technology like Bitcoin and it having little if any regulations, apparently it is possible to “take it with you”.

The CEO of Quadriga, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Canada, passed away suddenly and it appears he was the only one to have the password to gain access to about $150 Million worth of Bitcoin.

For all the unethical things and excessive charges standard banks have been found guilty of, this is one of the times regulated institutions look pretty good in comparison.

How on Earth did ANYONE at that company think it was okay for just ONE person to have the password to access those Bitcoin accounts, making it highly vulnerable to a single point of failure?

Unlike banks, crypto exchanges are not covered by Federal banking insurance like the FDIC that covers bank deposits. This means if those accounts can’t be recovered, all Bitcoin depositors for those accounts will have lost all their money with no recourse but to sue Quadriga for whatever remaining value it has.

Is the money still locked away in those accounts? Has it already been spent and this is a convenient cover story to prevent accounting from discovering the loss?  Until they can access those accounts – it will remain a mystery and a tale of caution for those embracing the wild west cryptocurrency environment.


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Or perhaps the late CEO knows something we don’t know besides the password?




San Francisco Real Estate Battle: Owl Vs Hawk

Finding desirable real estate is a jungle in most cities, especially San Francisco. Mirroring humans, this also applies to the animal kingdom.

In this case, Red Tailed Hawks have been building a nest in Presidio Park, only to have a pair of Great Horned Owls decide to muscle in and claim it as their own. Apparently this is the MO with this type of owl- they don’t make their own nest and seek nests built by others.

In this scene you’ll see the owl swoop in, followed by the hawk having an issue with that. The owl doesn’t budge and the hawk flies away, leaving the owl hooting in victory.

At about the one minute 30 second mark you can hear the screech of a hawk off camera- that if it were translated to English, would probably mean “You think this is over? It aint over!”



The hawk did what most of us would do, or at least try to do if someone tried to call “squatters rights” on our home.

That was a flawless execution of the Terminator “I’ll be back!” scene- I bet the hawk had it in mind. 😄




Man Currently Married to at Least Four Women Arrested


Just in time for Valentines Day- Some guy stole Cupid’s bow and arrows and has been seriously abusing them.

This guy is believed to be married to at least FOUR women, which means there may be some yet undiscovered extra wives and girlfriends.

If he ever gets out of jail for bigamy, theft, and domestic abuse, he may want to consider writing a book or two that explains how he can sweep so many women off their feet as well as how to logistically handle being married to so many women.


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