A Plan to Restore the “Xanga Style” Community on “Free” WordPress

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Soullfire is Bringing Sexy Community Back ** Former Xangans – Like and Reblog if you support this idea ** It’s been close to a month OVER SIX MONTHS A YEAR TWO YEARS since Xanga has launched it’s “updated” “Xanga 2.0″, driven with the WordPress engine, and it’s still operating well below the “free” WordPress state. The “community” that was, disappeared with the end of Xanga 1.0 with the loss of free blogging, along with all of “1.0’s” community centric features like having a front page, ring groups, and general areas where users could find each other and congregate. Xanga has given no updates – so no one over there knows how long the “non community” condition will last. Many former Xangans like myself have moved their general blogging over to “free” WordPress but are also feeling a general loss of overall community that “Xanga 1.0″ had. After using my WordPress site more often, I realized that it has certain features that will allow the former Xanga community to reconnect.  The answer lies in the “Reader” section, which is accessed by the top menu bar: Top_WP_menu In the Reader section, on the right hand side, there’s a “Topics” exploration search column underneath “Find Friends”: Side_WP_menu The topics search works by searching all the “Tag” keywords put in a blog and displays the blogs that have a match. Below shows an example of the Tag area in a new blog: blog_WP_menu Tag words go on the bottom line separated by commas. So once you’ve published a blog with certain tag words, it can be searched by others using the “Topics” search function. Now here’s where the Xanga community restoration comes into the picture. All that’s needed are some common “key words” used as tags that will allow users to find posts by former Xangans. Searching on a particular keyword will be similar to using the Xanga “Blog Rings” to find a group of posts related to a similar interest. Okay, to set this up, Xangans need to do the following: Post a blog stating what your Xanga name was and what your current name is now. In this blog use the tag word “ID_Xanga“. This will let people search for other former Xanga users using “ID_Xanga” as well as identify the Xangans who have changed their usernames. The beauty of this is it will only pull up the blogs that use this tag, so you will have an exclusive Xanga search feature. Next, when blogging, include the tag word “FreeXanga“. This will allow folks to find the latest blogs of former Xangans. Following this format, we can now use keywords to group blogs by interest or subject, just like the former “Xanga 1.0″ Blog Ring or “Ish” sites. I’ve created a few tag words to get us started: QOTD_Xan  – Use this tag word to post with a question of the day Dollarish_Xan – Use this tag word to post with a money/savings/economic blog Politicish_Xan – Use this tag to post with a political related blog Rant_Xan – Use this tag to post with a rant type of blog Drama_Xan – Use this tag for drama blogs – for the drama lovers, haha. =) Townhall_Xan – Use this tag for general community info. This would be the tag to use when introducing new tag words to create a new search group. FreeXanga – Use this tag in all your blogs to make them “Xangan” searchable. I added “Xan” to the tag word topics to make it unique to Xangans, and it provides the general format for creating new search terms/groups. “ID_Xanga” need only to be used once for identification and to create a search list. I think this should work to help restore the “Xanga 1.0″ style of community on WP, with the super bonus of now having a new world of people available to meet as well! Note: The max number of searchable tag words is 9, so don’t add too many tags words to your blog. ** Like and Reblog this and pass the word around if you support this idea – the “FREE” solution to bringing back community “Xanga 1.0″ style! =)  **

A Hero Among Heroes has left Us: Sir Nicholas Winton

Wednesday, July 1, marked the passing of a WWII era hero by any sense of the word, Sir Nicholas Winton. He was working as a stockbroker in Britain in 1938 when he learned about the plight of refugee families in Prague fleeing from German oppression and neighboring European countries wouldn’t take them in.

This man took it upon himself to help with getting the children of the families relocated to safety, and wasn’t afraid to break a few rules to do it.

He could have just reported the situation to the British authorities and hope they would take care of it, but he chose to become directly involved to make sure help would be coming. That a civilian living a comfortable life would go to such lengths to help strangers is a testimony to what we should all aspire to be like.

It’s also a condemnation on both international government and charity bureaucracies who could have done so much more but took no action on their own.

Feeling the weight of this story and the scope of his actions triggers an emotional response from me…that there are humans that show the depth of their love/compassion to do something like this. What’s more, this man is so modest and shared his story with so few, that it took decades for what he did to become widely known.

His actions were responsible for saving 669 children before the outbreak of WWII. He lived to be 106.




60 Minutes link to story (made when he was 104): http://www.cbsnews.com/news/proof-that-one-person-can-make-a-difference/

Trading Update: Waiting to Publish – A Lesson in Patience and Persistence



My trading thought process/plan these last few months has been to wait until I’ve achieved a string of consistent profitable trades for an entire month and then post all my monthly performance returns up to that point to mark the turning point in mastering my new methods.

The fly in the ointment has been it’s taken me longer than I anticipated to complete the fine tuning needed for the precision needed for the entry/exit points I desire. My old nemesis the volatility spikes in pricing has proven to be a difficult nut to crack. The difficulty lies in entering the market, and setting a short range stop price, which means I have to be fairly accurate on price direction at the point of entry or else I can get stopped out if prices move far enough against me to trigger the stop.

While stops are extremely important to protect you against big losses if your trade is wrong, volatility in price movement can get you stopped out easily if you enter a trade at the wrong time or have the stop range too small. Since using wide stops increases losses when wrong, I veer towards much narrower ranges. Now a narrow range stop reduces the loss when stopped, but has a much higher probability of getting triggered as there is also a smaller margin for error.

So using narrow stops has put me in a position of forcing me to fine tune my system before I can move forward.

So the days and weeks have gone by with me trying to lock in certain price patterns that are both recognizable and repeatable with much higher precision, which means keeping focused on all the tiny details.

When I announced a few months earlier that I can now see how price moves, I thought that I was basically done with the main research since I was able to trade profitably using what I learned. The problem was my techniques at the time lacked the exact precision I was looking for. It was at a level that was good for scalping but not for longer term moves. I could figure out certain patterns that led to a minimum price target, but I had no idea how much further the price could move. The pattern I was looking at was also complicated and could take a few days to find a good set up versus daily trades.

So it wasn’t back to the drawing board, although at times it sure felt like it, but I had to take what I learned and continue with the refinement which turned out to take much longer than anticipated. When it comes to researching unknowns, you wind up with “Microsoft Minutes” – such as when you are told by your computer that a program will load in “X” minutes and seconds, but takes MUCH longer than what an actual clock reads. :?

I have to say it can feel frustrating at times when you think you have it, only to need to reanalyze and recalibrate.

I’m ever hopeful that I’ll complete this phase in the near future and go back to posting monthly performance stats for the year. I am making slow but steady progress so it may be, dare I say,  sooner than later.

The final system will have the following qualities:

1) On cruise control once entered with target price and stop price input and just waiting to see which is filled first.

2) Precision entries that is basically the main goal in market timing- knowing when to enter the market for a predicted move.

These two points have been my overarching goal for years and I had no idea that it would take this long to bring it forward. Those Microsoft Minutes!





Latest Riches to Rags Tale

Saw this in the news: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/25/scott-storch-bankruptcy_n_7661638.html

Apparently this guy had $70 million in 2006, but now claims to have only $100 in cash and just $3600 total assets.


It seems surreal to have so much money, only to burn through it so quickly. One could easily live off the interest income of about $1.5 million without touching the principal if budget conscious- or make measured withdrawals that would enable you to live off it for a lifetime with more money to spend. Sure, you wouldn’t be living like royalty, but all the essential bills would be paid for a modest lifestyle.

This is just the latest example that wealth creation/retention centers much more on what one spends versus what one earns.


Man Unhappy with Divorce Settlement Applies Solomon’s Wisdom, Sort of, by Cutting His Possessions in Half

German man states he and his wife are divorcing after 12 years and that apparently she left him for another man. He indicates the court system has awarded her half of their home possessions.

Clearly not amused by these turn of events, he decided to comply with the court’s verdict in a way that goes back to Old Testament Solomon, of whom it was written ordered a baby two women were fighting over to be cut in two to determine who the real mother was based on their reactions. That’s right – he decided to give his ex literally half of all shared possessions by cutting them in two, which includes a car.

He placed his half on ebay, and gave his ex the other half.

Ebay Ad:



Video of him doing the cutting:


Video description says: “Thank you for 12 beautiful” years Laura !!!!! you’ve really earned half, Greetings also to my successor




Australian Comedian on USA “Gun Enthusiasm” (NSFW) with Great Commentary

A clip taken from his stand up show BARE .The hilarious Australian Comedian Jim Jefferies tell Americans the Truth about gun crime, and its hilarious to say the least :)

Note: 1) Language is raw with swearing at times- so NSFW to play out loud.

2) Volume is bad, so you’ll have to turn it up- but remember to turn it back down afterwards! =)




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Jon Stewart on Charleston Shooting: ‘This Is a Terrorist Attack’ (VIDEO)


Jon Stewart on Charleston Shooting

Originally posted on Variety:

Jon Stewart was not in the mood for political jokes or humor on Thursday’s “Daily Show.” The outgoing host, in addressing Wednesday’s deadly shooting in Charleston, South Carolina that left 9 people dead, including state senator Clementa Pinckney, said he felt nothing but “sadness” for the victims, and the racism that African Americans continue to endure in the United States.

“This is a terrorist attack,” he said. “Al Qaeda, ISIS, they’re not sh-t compared to the damage we can do to ourselves on a regular basis.”

“What blows my mind is the disparity of response,” Stewart added, visibly frustrated. “When we think people that are foreign are going to kill us and us killing ourselves…We invaded two countries and spent trillions of dollars and (lost) thousands of American lives and now fly unmanned death machines over like five or six different counties, all to keep Americans safe. We’ve got to…

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Failed Marriage Proposal Turns into Social Commentary on Modern Relationships

I’ve been too busy for blogging updates ( they will be forthcoming eventually), but I think this recent news item will be quick enough to do now….

So here’s a video of a guy proposing to his gf by way of a drive through meal at McDonalds:

Now if you watch the video, things take a turn for the worse when the gf’s reaction was a big thumbs down to the being proposed to by way of a drive up chicken sandwich.

There’s been many people speculating that this video is fake, done by actors- and I for one wonder why he felt it was necessary to “document” his failure of such a personal moment on the internet. I also wonder if he got his gf’s permission to do this or will this be another “surprise” for her.

In any case, what I found fascinating is the level of support the guy is getting and the corresponding level of hate being dealt towards the upset gf for rejecting his proposal. By and large the majority of both men and women (at least those identifying as such by their online accounts) are condemning her as being stuck up, non appreciative, undeserving, etc.., and advising the guy to break up with her.  She has some support, but it’s dwarfed by the negative responses.

My observant “market eyes” train me to be objective in my analysis, and in my viewpoint – it’s easy to understand why she would be upset. It’s common knowledge that certain things ring up pretty high for most women, and two of these things are the marriage proposal/actual marriage.

These events have special significance and the desire is to have corresponding special memories associated with them.

Now this guy had an engagement ring placed on top of a chicken sandwich delivered via a McDonald’s drive through window. Where’s the “special memory” associated with that?

In his defense, he states that their first date was at a McDonald’s (really?) due to his lack of planning skills, and she had joked that he’d probably propose to her that way. So he thought following through with that joke would be seen as a romantic gesture.

Here’s where he went horribly wrong:

1) Taking a joke literally without actually thinking if it’s something she would actually like.

Just because she joked about it doesn’t mean it’s the way to do it.

2) Minimal work put into the effort.

This might have been okay IF he had actually PLANNED WELL for it – such as have the McDonalds’s worker give him a bottle of champagne and roses or something out of the ordinary that would have more romantic value. Instead it was just a ring on a bun.

3) Lack of any romantic set up.

He just asked her to marry her with no attempt at making her feel special or explaining WHY he chose to propose to her at McDonald’s.

This is supposed to be a sweet memory that lasts a lifetime and he gave her a ring on a chicken bun at a drive through. It makes sense that she isn’t “ecstatic” about it.

So color me confused as to why so many people are angry with her for her reaction. What really amazes me is the number of women joining in the bashing. Would that be counted as the new level of “romance” these days? Are we at a level now where you can “text propose” to someone and that would still be considered “special”?

Call me “old fashioned”, but the guy could have and should have done MUCH better than that. It can be as simple as a nice picnic with some wine and crackers. It need not be expensive or elaborate – but there should be some EFFORT in being romantic beyond just sticking a ring in a chicken bun…..at a drive through.


Here are two shining examples of nerdy romantic proposals:

1) Scientist Discovers New Species of Dinosaur – Sneaks Marriage Proposal in His Published Study:



2) Guy works with programmer to create a “Video  Game Marriage Proposal” for his gamer girlfriend:




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Watch Tim Cook deliver a commencement address about Steve Jobs

Originally posted on Quartz:

Sunday, May 17, in Washington, DC, Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered the commencement address to The George Washington University’s class of 2015. Cook cracked jokes about recycling any non-iPhone devices those in the crowd may have had, and also took a photo of the graduates with his own iPhone at the end of his speech.

Cook spoke about Steve Jobs’s influence on his career. Jobs, said Cook, made him question everything, including the role of work in his life, and what kind of satisfaction he should be deriving from it.

Cook also talked about meeting other famous figures, including Jimmy Carter, who he admired, and George Wallace, the racist governor of Cook’s home state of Alabama. Shaking Wallace’s hand, said Cook, felt like a “betrayal.”

You can watch the whole video of Tim Cook’s speech here:

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