Cats Doing Sit Ups…..Sign of the Coming Revolution or Apocalypse?

Never seen this before and likely neither have you…

Are cats getting ready to launch a revolution, and are getting in shape prepping for it???

Or do they know something we don’t about some big apocalyptic event coming up? 😰

I’ve looked into it and some folks are saying the cat is just grooming their chest and are using the car for better leverage, but even if that’s true, that’s still a sign of high cat intelligence- what else have they figured out and or planning! 😹

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Art Lovers Rejoice: The Louvre Has Placed Its Full Collection for Online Access Free of Charge

The Louvre Museum in Paris has put its entire collection of art online for the world’s viewing pleasure.

According the their press release:

“Today, the Louvre is dusting off its treasures, even the least-known,” President-Director of the Musée du Louvre, Jean-Luc Martinez, said in a press release. “For the first time, anyone can access the entire collection of works from a computer or smartphone for free, whether they are on display in the museum, on loan, even long-term, or in storage. The Louvre’s stunning cultural heritage is all now just a click away!”

English Access Link: Link

French Access Link: Link

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Picture Perfect Proof that Vaccines are Working in America: CDC Chart Shows Covid Death Rates of Most Vulnerable in Population Plummeting

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words- the CDC data clearly shows a dramatic drop off of death rates among American seniors since the start of vaccinations.

The top line is for seniors aged 80+ and the line under that is for seniors aged 65-79.

For anyone that thinks the virus is “just going away” by itself, Brazil serves as the counter example, where that nation’s medical system is collapsing under record infections and death rates.

Company Offering $2400.00 Challenge to go Cold Turkey on Tech for 24 Hours. is holding a contest where contestants able to go 24 hours separated from their smartphone, computer, TV, e-games,”SIRI”,”ALEXA”< etc…, will receive a cash prize of $2400.

To apply, you have to submit an application stating your estimated “tech addiction” level also with a short explanation of why you are a good pick for this contest.

Deadline for applying is 3/26/21, 5pm MST.

Those selected will be sent a safe to store their electronics. Two people will be chosen to take the challenge.

Are there people truly that addicted that they can’t stay away from tech for just 24 hours???

Details and application link: LINK

The History of the Filibuster which Explains Why it Shouldn’t Continue to Exist

The following video was very enlightening to me. I was not aware of the following:

  1. Filibuster wasn’t part of the original Constitution.
  2. Was created by accident.
  3. The filibuster’s initial major use has a dark past of abuse such as preventing anti-slavery/anti-lynching/civil rights legislation from passing.

Once the power of the filibuster was discovered/realized, it has been increasingly exploited by politicians to stop government and halt majority rule rather than its “defended purpose” of promoting compromise.

Throughout the years the amount of filibuster use has been increasing exponentially by both parties as a means of limiting the party in power (controlling the Presidency, House and Senate) from legislating.

The biggest problem is politicians are bringing up pointless or frivolous filibusters just to chew up time or obstruct legislation, but no one from their party will “cross the line” to vote to end it with a threshold of 60 votes. The latest flagrant example of this was Republican Ron Johnson’s filibuster of the Covid Relief Package that only served to delay aid going out to Americans.

Amazing Bowling Alley “Tour” Video by Drone

This is a video of a drone “tour” through a bowling alley, and it’s such a smooth flight that it’s hard to believe and most impressive it was done in one take. This takes some amazing drone piloting skills!

I have to say this is a pretty cool bowling place that includes a mini theater.

Bad Decision Theater: Doctor Thinks it’s “Okay” to Attend Traffic Zoom Meeting while Performing Surgery.

Just when I think I can no longer be shocked by human “less than intelligent” behavior, I discovered this new level of bad decision making I didn’t think was possible.

Apparently, a doctor in California had a conflict in his schedule- he was to attend a ZOOM online traffic court hearing but he was also scheduled to perform surgery at the same time. The rational mind would think one of these events needs to be cancelled, but not this doc, who thought it was “perfectly acceptable” to be engaged in surgery while also attending the ZOOM traffic violation court hearing. 😖 Can anyone say malpractice?

Of course he would have “traffic violations” with this kind of logic!

Article Link: Link

Fin Oops!: Crypto Exchange Encounters “Glitch” and Sells Bitcoin at 88% Discount- Now Asking Customers for Return

South Asia based PDAX had some type of computer malfunction that resulted in Bitcoin trading at $6000, an 88% discount based on actual pricing at that time.

Needless to say, that became a “hot item” among those that saw that ultra discount and decided to buy. What a windfall- it was literally free money, as you were getting many times more than you paid for, which you could then use to buy even more Bitcoin.

Of course the saying “If it sounds too good to be true… probably is”, applies here. PDAX realized their error and are now demanding those who obtained Bitcoins at a massive discount return them…..or else!!!

I’m sure many buyers are consulting with lawyers before that return their fortunes.

The unanswered question- was a “person or people” at the exchange responsible for the error, and if so, do they still have a job?

Article: Link1

Article: Link2

Texas Power Grid Debacle Shows Need for Proper Regulation of Critical Resources

Almost all of Texas is on its own power grid:

All the continental States are either part of the Western Interconnection or Eastern Interconnection, except for Texas, which is on its own grid controlled by the Electric Reliability Council Of Texas, ERCOT.

Texas politicians choose to avoid joining the rest of the US grid to escape being under the regulation authority of FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee.

The fight over regulations usually divide among party lines with Republicans favoring less regulation than Dems. The Republican argument is regulations burden companies and growing business, while Dems argue that regulations are needed for establish heath and safety standards. Republicans argue that companies can “self regulate” without government interference.

The grid failure in Texas became another prime example why when it comes to critical limited resources, depending on private companies to properly self regulate is a recipe for disaster when they are bound to adhere to the prime directive of Capitalism- maintain and grow profits.

Ten years prior, Texas experienced another serious cold snap that broke the grid and FERC did a study and gave ERCOT a report recommending they winterize their equipment to shield it from the cold, to which they largely ignored. ERCOT must have run the numbers and determined that the cost of winterizing their grid would cut too much into profits, and so decided to not make the needed improvements. Texas government made winterizing the grid “optional”, and the companies took the “option” to not do it. That short term decision all but guaranteed future grid failure the next time Texas experienced severe winter weather. It was just a matter of when.

As a result, the grid is once again failing, and millions of Texans are suffering; ranging from just having no power, to having no power or water, and many dealing with bursting plumbing as the water in the pipes freeze. Food shortages are in effect that look as bad as when the pandemic shutdowns hit the US.

Lives are being lost in this tragedy due to hypothermia, air poisoning as people use their cars and outdoor heaters to heat their homes, and fires caused by malfunctioning fireplaces/heaters and candle use in homes.

Meanwhile the reaction of some of Texas politicians has been less than satisfactory. Governor Greg Abbot initially blamed the failures on “green energy” despite the fact that most of the State is powered by natural gas and not wind or solar. It also makes no sense since northern States and countries that also have green energy don’t have problems because they paid the extra cost to winterize their equipment. Senator Ted Cruz was caught traveling to Cancun, Mexico for fun in the sun while his constituents freeze in the dark with a busted power grid. A Texas mayor had to resign after he blamed those hapless Texans without power for being whiners and saying “Only the strong will survive and the weak will perish”.

For those lucky enough to still have power, the ones under the power company “Griddy” which charges for energy based on user demand has seen its costs skyrocket and is telling their customers switch to another company to avoid sticker shock when the bill arrives. Prices soared from 0.12 cents/kilowatt-hour to as high as $9/kilowatt-hour. People are getting bills for over $8000 dollars.

When it comes to making sure people have access to the the essentials of living that are also in limited supply, it should be clear that proper regulations must be put in place to force companies to spend the capital necessary to accomplish that. Companies can’t be expected to regulate themselves properly when the drive for profits acts as a counterweight to spending the money needed for quality operation.

Life in frozen Texas (pictures/videos):