Fox News Poll on Trump Shows Majority Now Favor Impeachment

As Fox News is typically seen as a “Trump Friendly” conservative news site, it came as a surprise to see they published results that has their latest poll showing the amount of people supporting Trump’s impeachment is now over the 50% water mark.

The rise in people favoring impeachment is linked to the continued growing controversy of Trumps call with Ukraine that included trying to coerce the Ukrainian President to do a criminal investigation on Joe and Hunter Biden in order for Ukraine to continue to receive military support with arms sales.

In addition, his disapproval has risen to 55%, with only 43% approving of Trumps performance.

Article Link: Link


Latest Trump Ukraine Call Scandal/Impeachment News: TLDR Version

With the pace of news and continuous Republican Democrat conflicts coupled with Trump’s “rule by Tweet” policy, it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on in day to day political news as one headline merges into the next.

This will bring you up to date with the essentials of the latest major news event that looks like it will accelerate Trump facing an impeachment vote.

Two weeks ago it was reported that someone in the Intelligence group had filed a whistleblower complaint about what they believed to be an improper conversation President Trump had with the President of Ukraine.

Scandal #1: The submitted complaint was withheld from the Intelligence Committee in Congress which is where it should have gone. The Trump Admin and DOJ were reluctant in releasing the complaint.

The Trump Admin released the “notes” from that particular phone call – which people who attended that call took down in writing. It revealed that Trump connected Ukraine receiving weapons from the US with assistance with investigating Joe and Hunter Biden’s role in a Ukraine business.

Scandal #2: It’s against US law to seek benefits from a foreign country in assistance against election opponents. This is an impeachable offense.

Note: prior to the phone conversation, Trump had halted military aid to Ukraine.

Trump responded by saying there was nothing wrong with his conversation, then held a news conference on the White House lawn where he publicly asked Ukraine and China to investigate the Bidens.

Scandal #3: Seeking benefits from foreign countries against political opponents is against US election laws. It’s a repeat of scandal #2.

Trump wasn’t alone and had company on that phone conversation. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was also online.

Scandal #4: No one tried to stop Trump from stating things when breaking US election laws.

Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker resigned and released memos showing his concern/understanding with other diplomats that President Trump was making military support for Ukraine conditional on Ukraine doing an investigation on the Bidens.

Scandal #5: More evidence points to Trump breaking election laws in requesting Ukraine to investigate Bidens.

The situation keeps expanding based on who sat in on that call and who was told about it- which includes VP Mike Pence. Also more whistleblowers may be coming forward.

In addition the whistleblower noted that some of Trump’s calls to other countries were placed on a restricted highly classified server not because of any sensitive issues discussed, but to hide Trump’s conversations from public scrutiny. It’s also a violation of the law to raise the classification of a document just to limit access/hide the information of non classified info.

Unlike the Mueller Report, which began based on the actions of Trump the candidate/nominee and his campaign staff, this is about the actions of a President – so laws broken directly now will certainly stand out more.

For those wishing to dive in further:

Actual whistleblower complaint: Link1

Who’s who in Trump_Ukraine Investigation: Link2

Text messages between Volker/other US diplomats and Ukranians: Link3

Latest updates on Trump and impeachment inquiry: Link4

The “Modern Ruins” of Xanga

For all the former Xanga folks and “Raiders of The Lost Ark” types who like to explore past historical relics….

It occurred to me that Xanga should now qualify as one of the modern relics of the past.

It’s been six years since they “modernized” Xanga with their “2.0” version, but it’s been in a state of only partial completion since then.

It should be clear to even to most ardent remaining promoters/defenders “cough…Ed Lives…cough”, that a full working operational system looks less likely with each passing YEAR of no updates/signs of change.

My last review was in 2017 which I stopped doing since nothing was changing.

Here’s where it stands today:

  1. – no updates for years.
  2. Xanga Twitter – No updates since Oct 2018. Ironically, the last post was “Bye Google+”
  3. Xanga Facebook – No updates since October 2018. More irony- the last pinned post leads off with “Xanga is not dead”.
  4. Ed Lives : The “official liaison” for Xanga – Just one post in April 2018 stating “no news from Xanga”. No more posts until May of 2019, where he states he is waiting to hear from John (Xanga CEO). Last notable Xanga related post was September 17 2019. Contains what sounds like a defense for the “pay to blog” switchover and ends with “We wait for Xanga”. Well, at least he’s no longer saying “We’re in transition…” 🙂
  5. The site has been closed to new members since “Xanga 1.0” shut down in 2013.

Here is what I don’t think Ed comprehends:

  1. After six years, the community formerly known as “Xanga” is long gone. Sure there are a remnant of few folks who may still pay to blog on the site, but the “community” is gone. It makes no more sense to say “Xanga community is still here” as it does to say Ancient Rome is still active.
  2. Member only pay blogs are DOOMED to failure. Why? Because people are drawn to “new content” written by others. A pay wall greatly limits new content since far less people participate. The next problem is lack of audience response/participation. This results in the few bloggers that are there losing interest and blogging less, resulting in even less content. This is a downward spiral of decreasing business.
  3. Combine a paywall with substandard service, and that just makes a bad situation even worse. Xanga members have no way to search for active members or latest posts. There is no way to post messages outside the paywall to other social media sites or even other WordPress sites. You are trapped in a separate world where the only people that are going to see your posts are the few folks that remain in the system that are already known to you.
  4. The final nail in the coffin is a lock out of new members which ensures an inexorable decline in participation.

At this point Xanga has more in common with a “Ruins” site:

  1. You can visit the site and it is clearly in a degraded/non updated state- check.
  2. Formerly a large community now just hosting a remnant trickle of folks- check.
  3. Can view the sites features of blogs where the vast majority are no longer active- check.
  4. To find things you really have to do some digging around- check.

Doesn’t that sound like visiting an ancient ruins site?

At this point maybe they should just market it as a historical social blogging museum…

Risk of Modern “Internet Cloud” Era: More Affected by Company Failures

In the modern age of outsourcing, more and more responsibility is entrusted to third parties rather than being done within companies.

One example of this is the payroll department. Many companies have outsourced this task to another company. All this is possible with cloud computing services.

The benefit is that companies don’t have to worry about paying for their own private payroll department. Using an online cloud company means you no longer need to seek local services of a payroll department.

However this comes with a risk with all these companies relying on a cloud service payroll company. What if the cloud payroll company goes belly up? This is exactly what happened recently that left several companies in the lurch with their employees not getting paid. In addition some employees had money deducted out of their bank accounts on top of not getting paid.

A problem like this in the past would affect just one company or the few that received service from a local payroll company- but now many companies across the country along with their employees can be impacted now if these companies all relied on one cloud company that fails.


MyPayrollHR CEO arrested and admits to fraud: LINK

“Human” Powered Car is Here

Cars fueled by human power is no longer the stuff of cartoons:

There is now a real “human powered” car available to buy on the market.

As you can see, it’s a perma “top down” device and requires a “rowing” motion using the handlebars. The action charges a battery which powers the motor.

Here’s a video of it in action:

The two big problems I see are it can only be used in good weather since it’s uncovered, and it comes with a pretty hefty price tag of $15K. You can get a gym membership that has access to bikes and rowing machines for a mere fraction of the cost.

Company Website: Link

New Study on Day Traders Misses Mark on Main Conclusions but is Still Insightful

A study was recently published about the performance of new Brazil Day Traders. They looked at traders who just started trading on their first day, to those who have traded for up to two years.

Performance levels were noted based on the amount of days traded, and the concluded from the results that day trading to be “virtually impossible”.

Here is part of the data they tabulated:

Number of Days Trading: Percent Profitable:

1 day: 29.8%

2 – 50 days: 15.5%

51 – 100 days: 8.9%

101 – 200 days: 6.8%

201 – 300 days: 5.4%

Over 300 days: 3.0%

Of the persistent day traders who exceeded the 300 day mark:

1.1% earned profits exceeding Brazilian minimum wage (US $16/day)

0.5% earned profits exceeded starting salary of Bank Teller (US $54/day)

Highest earning person made US $310/day on average

From all their data they came to the conclusion that day trading is nearly impossible to learn, which contradicts the claims made by the brokerage and trading course providers.

I believe the main point the study failed to consider is day trading is not a “linear learned” skill, meaning gradual, incremental improvement over time. It requires a completely different way of thinking. One gains insights in “stair step” jumps rather than a gradual climb.

In addition, it can take several years of study and research before any true insights are achieved, so the study made wasn’t long enough to allow for an extended look over several years.

So yes, day trading can be concluded to be very hard to learn within a period of two years, but that doesn’t mean it remains that way over an extended time.

Here’s what they got right:

Brokerages, authors, and companies flood the market with ads claiming one can become wealthy through day trading in a relatively short period of time without much work involved. Pictures of tropical islands, exotic travel, and luxury cars are shown as being within ones reach with the “right” trading course or book. This study shows you what a SCAM those ads are. Day trading mastery is NOT a “get rich quick” endeavor and requires a massive amount of time and commitment.

Next, a key insight is the fact that trading success rates went DOWN over time rather than up, which is counter intuitive. How could it be that the more time one spends on trading, the worse the performance?

The answer is what I said earlier- trading success requires a different way of thinking. You have to essentially reprogram your mind to properly understand price action.

The data shows that a trader at their most “ignorant” level (one day experience) is much more likely to succeed than their more experienced counterparts over time. In the beginning one knows little and acts more by natural instinct to price action. Then “thinking” starts kicking in and one tries to “out analyze” the market and loses those initial natural instincts. The mind needs to be reprogrammed to allow those natural instinctive solutions to guide your way. The natural mind can’t do this which is why performance grows worse over time.

This is the main reason why mastering trading is so difficult, it requires a new way of thinking as opposed to just standard rote learning attempts over time.

Study Link: Link

Senior Evicted from Her Home to the Street Within Days of Hurricane Dorian Arriving

I’m a big fan of artificial intelligence, but news like this makes me question the level of human intelligence.

Apparently, a landlord wanted a Senior Citizen tenant who had lived in this apartment complex for 28 years evicted because the landlord did not want to renew the lease because of her pet cats.

The landlord showed up with the police to enforce an eviction notice and had his associates throw all of her property onto the street and then locked the apartment preventing her from retrieving her medications.

Forced evictions can be brutal, especially for seniors with no place to go. The bigger problem besides the uncaring landlord is that he was allowed to evict her during a hurricane watch.

As expected, once this made the main news, the mayor stepped in and stated they would establish a new policy to delay evictions during emergency situations.

My question is why did they just realize this NOW? There was no one in the police department or City Hall that considered the negative impacts of evicting people when a hurricane is approaching or some other imminent emergency?

When things like this happen, it’s stunning to realize how much “thinking” isn’t taking place.

Article: Link1

Article: Link2

King Trump? Trump “Orders” US Companies to Leave China in Escalating Trade War

“Trade Wars are Easy to Win”- Trump

In March 2018, Trump stated the followed in a tweet: “…Trade wars are good, and easy to win.”

Since that time Trump has placed the US in a global trade war with several countries by declaring tariffs on imported products.

The biggest battle has been with China, with Trump imposing tariffs on Chinese imports, China retaliating with putting tariffs on American exports to their country, Trump adding more tariffs followed by China and so on and and so on.

The latest and biggest salvo came this week as China issued a new set of tariffs in response to Trumps new set of tariffs and Trump made a declaration that “ordered US companies to leave China.”

Of course since the US does NOT have a king who possesses ultimate authority to do as he pleases, many folks are scratching their heads at Trump’s proclamation. Some worry that it’s a sign of mental decline that Trump would think he had such sweeping powers.

If that weren’t enough, Trump eviscerated his own appointed Fed Chairman Jerome Powell for not following his bidding to cut interest rates aggressively. The Fed Chairman is an independent position that is supposed to operate independent of Congress and the President. Trump clearly doesn’t believe this to be the case and called Powell an “enemy of the US”. An attack by a US President against his own appointed Fed Chairman is unprecedented.

As can be expected- as this trade war turmoil escalated on Friday, the market took its cue and plunged.

As the trade war intensifies, the greater the likelihood of a recession hitting the US sooner than later.

Son Gets Gift of New BMW from Parents, but He Wanted a Jaguar so He Pushed Car into River 🚘 😲

Here’s one for the tantrum record books. An Indian couple gave their son a brand new BMW for his 22nd birthday. He was not pleased- he thought the car was too small to fit him and his friends and he really wanted a Jaguar.

So to show his displeasure, he took his new BMW and pushed it into a river. 🤔

For obvious reasons, news of this spread like wildfire and became a global sensation.

The majority of people are calling the son arrogant and ungrateful. But I think you have to look at the “source”- how he would up being so ungrateful…his parents!

A person typically doesn’t grow up to act way unless that type of behavior was allowed to fester and grow from childhood.

Doing some extra research, my suspicions bore out when reports included the parents were still covering for him, saying it was an “accident”. The father is also reported saying he knows his some wanted a Jaguar, but all he could afford was a BMW.

This is why you DON’T spoil your kids folks!

More Info: Link

Beware Media Bias Covering Election News/Politics

It’s helpful to remember that the news media covering news are likely not 100% unbiased and may frame its coverage based on their own objectives.

For example, main media is composed of large corporations, and as such will take into consideration the affect each candidate will have on their taxes and profit margins. This typically means they don’t favor candidates that are more populist than centrist. They don’t want someone making sweeping changes that will affect their bottom line.

A case in point is the coverage of Bernie Sanders. During the 2016 campaign, most media made it clear they preferred Hillary over Sanders was was reflected in numerous negative articles on him.

Unfortunately, little has changed and they are following the same patterns this time around as well.

Just remember to always consider the “source” when reading the news and making decisions about the candidates.