Phase One Done -> Onward to Phase Two

Another boring tedious weekend has produced a revised smaller list of possible stock investments from both the long and short side.

Now that my list has been shortened, it’s much more manageable. I’ve calculated estimated price targets as well as investment durations. Now all that’s left is to lock in on one of the stocks on the list, and pull the trigger to buy.

This will be a true test of my analysis since I will be entering long positions in this Bear market. Even though there has been quite a bit of selling, the golden rule is “There is always a Bull market somewhere”. =)

Now that the tedious part is over, I can move on to more interesting things like reviewing my current positions and making adjustments if necessary.

Time for a confession. I’ve been watching my short term positions closely, but not so much my long term positions. Admittedly, I moved the bulk of my funds into safer investments that don’t need much tending, but I still need be more aware of my remaining positions.

The biggest mistake many people make is to enter an investment and just forget about it without keeping track of it’s performance. Instead of “buy and hold” strategy, we can call this “buy and forget”. As time goes on, some investments may not be performing as well so you need to be aware to make adjustments if needed. Your investments are the key to your financial freedom so it deserves your attention.


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