Xanga Survival Update – 2 Days to Go and all is Quiet


The last update from the “XangaTeam” was July 8th.

Current Pledge Drive stats: 681 donors, $46,357 collected.

Less than $14k now from the goal of $60k, with a looming deadline of July 31st.

With the shortened time frame remaining and no further information from Xanga Inc., we’re left with the following possibilities:

1) Another “last minute” extension of the deadline, which is July 31st.

2) “Hail Mary” last minute donor stepping in during the next two days to fill the gap.

3) Xanga unceremoniously pulls the plug after not meeting the pledge drive goal and sites are inaccessible on August 1.

The option of Xanga just accepting the current amount “as is” isn’t possible because they already stated that the money wouldn’t be taken out of peoples accounts unless the entire amount was reached. To change the rules would require a brand new pledge drive or else they would be at risk of lawsuits from changing the terms.

I think possibility #2 is the most likely to happen – as it fits with the current lack of information updates. The fact they have a super donor in the wings but don’t reveal that fact until the very last minute would be consistent with their behavior since the campaign started.

The true irony about the continued silence is they have now forced even their most devoted supporters and believers to make moving plans and create new relocation homes “just in case”. In the end those who want to remain on Xanga with the new pay wall are being treated with the same regard (or rather, lack thereof) as those who decided to leave. Everyone is obligated to have a “Xanga Departure Plan B”.


5 thoughts on “Xanga Survival Update – 2 Days to Go and all is Quiet

  1. I agree with you. The lack of communication even drove the hard-core believers away. And once people realize that other platforms aren’t so bad, free, and a lot of former Xangans are already there, then why pay.


  2. So true and I was one of those dirty rats who left before the first date of July 15th was met. I had already paid for three years of premium which was not being honored so I was no tpaying for more.
    I was grannys_place on Xanga. Name is Ruth and nice to meet you.


  3. i love xanga and i love the people. but if the xanga team isn’t even providing the proper disclosure in carrying out this cowardly last minute attempt at salvaging their dying site, there’s not much we can do as individual users. we donate the $60K and then what? how much longer till we find out that they yet again need more money or something else is wrong?


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