The Hail Mary has Arrived – Xanga Finally Presents an Update on the Last Day!

We finally heard from the XangaTeam, notably CEO John, on the last day of the scheduled pledge:


They waited until the last day to give us an update. whatevah I suppose it could have been worse – they could have waited until late in the evening or perhaps a few minutes before midnight to make things ultra dramatic…


When we hit the 2 days to go mark, I listed the following possibilities for the XangaTeam:


1) Another “last minute” extension of the deadline, which is July 31st.

2) “Hail Mary” last minute donor stepping in during the next two days to fill the gap.

3) Xanga unceremoniously pulls the plug after not meeting the pledge drive goal and sites are inaccessible on August 1.


As it turns out, they combined options 1 and 2 with a modification thrown in:


1) The deadline has been extended to Aug 31st.

2) Xanga (ie, John) has revealed itself as the “Super Donor” and is going to contribute $10,000 to the campaign.

3) Since Xanga is pledging $10K, they are going to lower the Pledge threshold to $50K, so when the meter hits $50K, the goal will be met – that’s about $2k away.


Since we have August to make ~$2K, it should be obvious to all that Xanga 2.0 is now basically guaranteed to be a go.


One more piece of important info – they will now be moving the blogs of ALL donors, not just those who pledged $48 or higher. So if you want your blog to be transferred and you were never a premium user, any donation will now get your blog transferred.


Here’s is the bottom line info again:

1) John from Xanga has announced he is going to contribute the last $10K of the pledge amount.

2) Because of this the pledge goal is now going to be set at $50K, and we are near $48K now.

3) The deadline has been extended through August to give them time to complete migration.

4) For non premium members of past or present – a donation of any amount will now get your blog transferred over.

5) With the pledge goal now reduced to just ~$2K, for all intent and purposes, Xanga 2.0 is destined to become a reality


13 thoughts on “The Hail Mary has Arrived – Xanga Finally Presents an Update on the Last Day!

  1. you know, I wonder if constantly shifting the goalposts like this under a donation contract is a type of extortion. I mean in other cases this would certainly constitute fraud, or at the very least give an extremely poor rating of a company via the BBB. when it comes down to it this is all about greed, because we know the situation was not as dire as was first claimed. for instance, we’ll never know if they really needed $60,000 in the first place. we have to accept that on face value, just as they expect donators to believe he’ll also be contributing $10,000 of his own money. In legal terms I *think* such contracts like this are called ”good faith”, and a breach of that can lead to consequences legally. It’s quite frankly, flabbergasting that certain individuals (and you know who) roll out the red carpet of excuses on their behalf, while at the same time being aggressive towards those who have serious concerns in this matter. Donating and having your blog move over is a moot point, when you consider the fact you’ll be additionally charged a fee to keep it going. You know they won’t be successful in the future with no customers coming in, and this makes me truly glad I never donated. Dishonesty is dishonesty, irregardless of how many excuses someone would like to make about ‘intent’. *sigh* It’s frustrating.


    • You’re right: all parties to a contract are expected to perform in good faith, and you therefore could be sued for breach if you don’t act accordingly. The claim that a party didn’t act in good faith is usually tacked onto a bigger cause of action for breach, as opposed to being the primary basis for the suit.

      Regardless of how frustrating the [blog that shall not be named because it’s been given Voldemort status] Team’s actions were, however, it’s unlikely that they could be considered to have acted in bad faith just because they extended the deadlines and decreased the fundraising goal. It would be different if they instead kept increasing the goal amount over and over again, but since they cut it down to $50K, shut down their Crowdhoster once they met that goal, and have now implemented 2.0 (I think), the only thing you can really accuse them of is having really, really, really bad management and communication skills. :-/

      I made the mistake of donating really early on and, as far as I can tell, my site hasn’t been moved over to 2.0. And not surprisingly, I haven’t received the e-mail that was supposed to have been sent out to all donors/premium subscribers either. I better get my 2.0 just so I can use it as a billboard for my new site. That’s the only thing it’s good for at this point.

      *sigh* I never thought the Voldemort of Blogging Platforms would end up like this.


    • It’s funny, I think of Theo’s “parody letter” that countered my original open complaint to Xanga, where he basically called those complaining “pseudo experts” as if our concerns/complaints can be easily dismissed as useless or ignorant.

      The reality is at this point, I think it would be a challenge to put a fresh newbie in charge of operations, give them the list of problems, and have them make as many mistakes in their “solution” as what’s going on now.

      There have been so many mistakes, it makes you wonder if what we are dealing with is just massive incompetence or a deliberate desire to see the project fail through self sabotage. The latter would be especially heinous knowing how much effort they’ve required from the community.

      It just makes ZERO sense that they never reached out to their entire community for donations in the first place with a front page notice or mass message. I doubt if even half the users are aware of whats going on.

      What you see with the users who “cheer” these policies is typical with the “blind faith” segment of society. The traits are easily recognizable – take whatever is told to you as gospel and defend/attack all those “heretics” who question it. People that place that much blind faith to people in charge can no longer view things rationally.

      The benefit for having one’s blog moved over is to maintain the current URL links of your content. Since Xanga didn’t map people’s photos with their blogs and kept them linked to their servers, moving them elsewhere means the loss of photo links.

      I feel sorry for those who are the most loyal who have been abused the most by them – waiting to update people on the very last day is just another example of that. We know the ultimate outcome of this, and it isn’t pretty.


    • Their last move to wait until the last day when they know the people who are planning to stay with them were so worried was inexcusable. They turned off some of their most devoted people with that horrible inconsiderate move.


  2. I really wonder if the Xanga Team’s behavior is actually tactics or mere (communication) incompetence. Personally, I am upset with their handling of the situation. It’s like a death by installments.


  3. hm.. i have mixed feelings too. i’m a premium user so naturally i’m thankful that xanga 2.0 will be rolling out, but i wonder if things will be the same…. (in terms of xanga community and usage) and the question of sustainability after this is all over, is one to ponder over.


    • My hobby/past time includes studying economics and business practices. The majority of their decisions to date have been damaging to community growth and future sustainability. I have no idea why a 10+ year old company is engaging in such bad business practices when they clearly should have enough experience to know better. There are reasons why you transitioned to WP, and they seem intent on making those reasons all the more apparent with these abrasive moves.


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