Xanga 1.0 Shutting Down Tonight Aug 29 at Midnight

The day has finally arrived, Xanga “1.0” is coming to an end. System will be taken offline at midnight tonight:

Details:  http://soullfire.xanga.com/775696235/today-is-the-final-day-of-xanga-10-site-going-down-at-12am-est/




11 thoughts on “Xanga 1.0 Shutting Down Tonight Aug 29 at Midnight

  1. Very nice of them to give such advanced warning of these changes. Why couldn’t we have had this update further in advance than several hours of it happening?


    • That’s because organized planning and punctuality doesn’t exist in their dictionary. We’ve seen time and time again that “deadlines” are casual place markers rather than hard timelines. In the latest case, the “new” last day of “1.0” was supposed to be Aug 31.


  2. The information given out has been abysmal. I don’t think they’ve even notified people via e-mail of the changes, so if you aren’t watching, you’d have NO clue any of this was even happening. I haven’t gotten a single e-mail, and I’m Premium thru January. It’s SO ridiculous. In fact, if you hadn’t posted this, I probably wouldn’t have even known.


    • With current premium, your blog will be automatically migrated over, if they hold true to what they’ve said with the latest update.

      Since they never sent out a global message to all their users, I’m sure many folks are just finding out about the changes after only now seeing an update page instead of their blog. That also means they never got a chance to archive their blogs. It’s like any information given out has been more of an afterthought instead of intended enlightenment.


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