The Heat Wave is Upon Us

The heat wave that has been torturing so much of the US has finally hit the west coast.

I call this the “east coast sim mode” since the heat and humidity rivals the mugginess/stickiness of a typical sweltering NYC day that I have not so fond memories of.


The magic part of San Diego is that typically at night the temps drop rapidly – to the tune of 15 to 20+ degrees cooler than the highs of the day.

Unfortunately, that wonderful feature isn’t currently present – the first time in the history of my living here that this is the case. =( It cooled down slightly, but not that much:


It feels just as hot and muggy as it did during the day, another reminder of those “lovely” east coast nights I try not to remember.

I guess you can call me spoiled since extended humidity is rare out here, so I find this more discomforting than going back east during the winter.

The silver lining is this is an aberration that hopefully won’t hang out for more than another week or so.


12 thoughts on “The Heat Wave is Upon Us

  1. Hot here too and it always is when the kids go back to school. They go back tomorrow.. The temp here at 11:35 pm is 77 degrees and we have all of the fans going and all of the apt windows open.


    • Yeah, that is quite warm especially if the humidity level is high. I wish there was a way to save some of these hot days for when the weather gets cold, when I wouldn’t mind having a hot day break. =)


  2. omg I seeked refuge down to SD to escape the 86 degree midnights. I was greeted by mugginess. On top of that my friends AC didn’t work so I slept with the doors wide open. Came back with literally 20 bug bites. Weather was nicer than LA but I was glad to crank my AC all night. Friday is supposed to hit 101, when will this end…


    • Yeah, this extended heat wave is rough. This is on of the few times I’ve has to use the AC down here and fans wouldn’t cut it. Looks like this weekend temps should finally be on the decline.


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