Xanga “2.0 Update” and Irony

The latest update from their twitter account is that “Xanga 2.0” is going to be up sometime after midnight tonight EST.

This whole weekend the “Xanga” website has been showing showing a bill board page stating they are in the process of migrating.  The true irony of that is waiting until now to alert everyone to what they were doing where this type of messaging have would have been a great communication tool as a splash page at the very beginning of this effort two months ago.

It’s a guarantee that plenty of users were met with a surprise when they tried to access their site as they had no inkling of the pledge drive nor the shut down/upgrade plans.



23 thoughts on “Xanga “2.0 Update” and Irony

  1. I gave up on Xanga and just started a new blog on WP. I had been on Xanga since 2006 and got along well there. WP has taken some getting used to. It is impossible to find anyone specific here unless you know their web address. I don’t Facebook. Why does everything have to link back to that for finding friends?


  2. Well, people like me, who were never a premium member nor pledged, didn’t receive any e-mails.
    I always liked Xanga but since the series of weird announcements I had stopped using it. And guess what, I am not really missing it. My point is I won’t pay for their hosted blogging when I can get it for free.


  3. I paid for Xanga nd had all kinds of problems the last year i was on it-xanga freezing and posts disappearing. I had a heck of a time keeping theames and they either disappeared or didn”t work.
    I will be remaining here on Word Press.


  4. I agree with the posters above. I am still getting used to WP, and so far I feel it lacks the community feel of Xanga, but at the same time I feel Xanga alienated its users (esp. the non premium ones) by the lack of communication. Honestly they have expressed to me that they clearly don’t feel we were truly valuable, and I guess we were just one of a million bloggers out there. I think Xanga 2.0 will struggle.


  5. i had no idea about xanga being up again.. thanks for the update! i just don’t understand it though. they cried wolf saying they were going to shut down, so i bid my farewell and pretty much gave up on my xanga … then i see this and log on, voila, i’m now on xanga 2.0. it’s really hard to leave when you have rooted yourself into a home, (i had no idea i had written over 600 posts on xanga…) but sometimes leaving is necessary in order to grow…

    i’m not sure if i should wait out the ride, i think i am slowly rebuilding here on WP… how about you ?


  6. I got to say.. since all I could see was the ”billboard” but managed to sneak my way into my own account 😉 ……the newXanga dashboard is the biggest pile of poo you could of imagined. what…a MESS! You know that whole thing about free users just keeping their accounts so that they can still respond to their friend’s blogs? About as clear and intuitive as mud. It feels as if you’ve been locked into a cold and unfeeling isolation booth, nothing at all to encourage a ‘freebie’ to join in the ‘fun’… if there is any fun, behind those gated walls of white. *sigh* I’m glad I made the right choice in not feeding the cash cow.


    • I just reviewed “2.0” from both the “Premium” and “Non Premium” side. Now I think I know why we never got any “mock ups” to look at. 😉 It makes the departing of “1.0” that much sadder.


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