A Plan to Restore the “Xanga Style” Community on “Free” WordPress

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Soullfire is Bringing Sexy Community Back ** Former Xangans – Like and Reblog if you support this idea ** It’s been close to a month OVER SIX MONTHS A YEAR TWO YEARS since Xanga has launched it’s “updated” “Xanga 2.0”, driven with the WordPress engine, and it’s still operating well below the “free” WordPress state. The “community” that was, disappeared with the end of Xanga 1.0 with the loss of free blogging, along with all of “1.0’s” community centric features like having a front page, ring groups, and general areas where users could find each other and congregate. Xanga has given no updates – so no one over there knows how long the “non community” condition will last. Many former Xangans like myself have moved their general blogging over to “free” WordPress but are also feeling a general loss of overall community that “Xanga 1.0” had. After using my WordPress site more often, I realized that it has certain features that will allow the former Xanga community to reconnect.  The answer lies in the “Reader” section, which is accessed by the top menu bar: Top_WP_menu In the Reader section, on the right hand side, there’s a “Topics” exploration search column underneath “Find Friends”: Side_WP_menu The topics search works by searching all the “Tag” keywords put in a blog and displays the blogs that have a match. Below shows an example of the Tag area in a new blog: blog_WP_menu Tag words go on the bottom line separated by commas. So once you’ve published a blog with certain tag words, it can be searched by others using the “Topics” search function. Now here’s where the Xanga community restoration comes into the picture. All that’s needed are some common “key words” used as tags that will allow users to find posts by former Xangans. Searching on a particular keyword will be similar to using the Xanga “Blog Rings” to find a group of posts related to a similar interest. Okay, to set this up, Xangans need to do the following: Post a blog stating what your Xanga name was and what your current name is now. In this blog use the tag word “ID_Xanga“. This will let people search for other former Xanga users using “ID_Xanga” as well as identify the Xangans who have changed their usernames. The beauty of this is it will only pull up the blogs that use this tag, so you will have an exclusive Xanga search feature. Next, when blogging, include the tag word “FreeXanga“. This will allow folks to find the latest blogs of former Xangans. Following this format, we can now use keywords to group blogs by interest or subject, just like the former “Xanga 1.0” Blog Ring or “Ish” sites. I’ve created a few tag words to get us started: QOTD_Xan  – Use this tag word to post with a question of the day Dollarish_Xan – Use this tag word to post with a money/savings/economic blog Politicish_Xan – Use this tag to post with a political related blog Rant_Xan – Use this tag to post with a rant type of blog Drama_Xan – Use this tag for drama blogs – for the drama lovers, haha. =) Townhall_Xan – Use this tag for general community info. This would be the tag to use when introducing new tag words to create a new search group. FreeXanga – Use this tag in all your blogs to make them “Xangan” searchable. I added “Xan” to the tag word topics to make it unique to Xangans, and it provides the general format for creating new search terms/groups. “ID_Xanga” need only to be used once for identification and to create a search list. I think this should work to help restore the “Xanga 1.0” style of community on WP, with the super bonus of now having a new world of people available to meet as well! Note: The max number of searchable tag words is 9, so don’t add too many tags words to your blog. ** Like and Reblog this and pass the word around if you support this idea – the “FREE” solution to bringing back community “Xanga 1.0” style! =)  **


47 thoughts on “A Plan to Restore the “Xanga Style” Community on “Free” WordPress

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  3. Bravo! This is a wonderful and workable proposal, and I will gladly help you in any way possible, having already developed a deep respect for your understanding and leadership in the Situation.
    I continue to find WP’s navigation here a frustrating and maddening challenge. Einstein forsaw it: you do the exact same thing three times, get a different result each time, then go insane…
    Your initiative could be called ‘SVFX’ (Soulfire’s Victorious Free Xanga) kinda like the old joke ‘FUNEX?’ (Have you any eggs?’
    My own independent initiative was to be called ‘BBTOX’ (Bring Back The Old Xanga!’) however I suspect that the programming for the beloved site is now firmly in the bit-bucket, sadly. Why ‘fix’ something that’s working, albeit perhaps not profitable?
    One small grammar-beef (sorry). Your posts have enough of what we grammar-police call the ‘green-grocer’s apostrophe’ to kill a healthy hippo. To wit: One Xangan is ‘a Xangan. More than one are ‘Xangans’ (no apostrophe). It is, of course possible to use the possessive ‘Xangan’s , as in ‘an ex-Xangan’s ghost site.’. Like mine, ha. You may or may not consider this worthy of an edit.
    The main point is of course that your idea gave me goose-bumps, for its elegance and workability. I wish you all the success in the world/ JS Tel Aviv


    • Grammar infractions noted and corrected- thank you for alerting me to them. I can get a little wild with apostrophes, haha.

      Never saw the joke about ‘FUNEX’ before- but I Googled it and saw the video – pretty funny!

      Xanga’s best move would have been to keep the old platform up and pay the extra leasing dues to make that happen while working on improving the WP platform until it was good enough to do a switch over. Instead, folks were promised “Xanga” and got a semi functioning WP instead- sure to make no one happy. Xanga is now participating in Eintein’s insanity experiments- trying to sell a product that operates at a lower level than it’s “free” counterpart, and convince people it’s an upgrade!

      Hopefully my idea will help other displaced “Xangans” (I got it right!) find each other with less difficulty.

      Thanks for the well wishes.


  4. I didn’t realize thete was a limit on tags/post. I’ll have to watch that. You’ve got some good ideas. Honestly I want to find new wordpress followers as much as I’d like some old xanga friends though.


    • I think this solution helps both ways – letting you reconnect with displaced Xangans while still being searchable and viewable to the rest of the WP universe. Many folks lost the bulk of their followers/subs when they left Xanga and this should help them find the ones who landed here without having to start from scratch again.


  5. I’ve been trying to search every now and then using the keyword Xanga – I’ve seen a few people who regularly put that in, and I have started doing so. This would be nice having an organized system to find each other. I definitely miss the old Xanga community (and I’m super disappointed with what the new Xanga 2.0 has become. )


    • Yeah, unfortunately I believe Xanga underestimate what it would take to convert the WP platform over to a “Xanga 1.0” feel, and then they ran out of time and had to make do with this “in between” semi functioning WP state. It’s pretty messy over there right now with lots of user discontent.

      We have more tools over here to establish a community than they do – ironic!


  6. Thanks so much for your gracious reply. I hadn’t seen it until now, and feared for the worst after my impromtu grammar lesson, ha. Not everyone takes my help as intended. I myself, now that I’ve successfully imported my archives (whoopie!) need to go back and edit my own extraneous apostrophes. I was only alerted to the egg-on-yer-face gaffe myself about three years ago, by a sweet woman with elegance and charm. And I’ve been clean now since that day.
    So… I suppose we now make a point of searching under ‘topics’ the keywords of choice, and hope that the plan catches on as it richly deserves to. I have my own lists of franctic Xangans who gave me their WP site names. Perhaps make your Xanga-ID post (above) ‘sticky’, and foiks can comment there with their info.
    Another silly dream I have is to create a WP ‘Xanga Top Blogs’ knockoff Page. The mechanics of it fail me at present, (plus I came here to escape Dan, dammit!
    All the best, brother. My best friend is a day-trader; his news alternates between “Made a grand today in a half an hor!” to “We may need to re-mortgage the house, oy!”

    (And yes, I immediately saw the edits: made my heart lighter.)


  7. I just thought now to file a ‘progress report’ on your truly great idea here.
    Soo… I use the ‘Xanga’ Topic search almost every day, and continue to find new emigrees to welcome, usually. There *is* someone posting a poem every
    few minutes and tagging it ‘Xanga’. Nice enough poems, but it makes scrolling through the results a b*itch.
    This reminds me of the clever parable where a fellow found a pot of gold, tied a yellow ribbon around the nearby tree, and ran home to get his pickup truck (my addition to the tale) There was a law in the land that no one could remove the ribbon, nor take the gold the fellow had found. But he returned to discover that some spoil-sport had tied an identical yellow ribbon around *every damned tree in the forest*
    Yes, apropo. But longish… Thanks for reading this/ ex-jsolberg 4evah


    • This is why I choose to make my tag “FreeXanga” rather than just the more generic “Xanga” – which would hopefully help weed out the intentional posts from those with incidental or random inclusion.

      Time will tell if the idea will eventually catch on or not- “real” Xanga is certainly helping the cause with their continued morass, haha.


  8. Ok, yet another status report from the field, courtesy of solberg Nov 4th
    the Poet is still more than dominating any search of ‘xanga’, and it appears that ‘freexanga’ or similar hasn’t captured hearts and minds yet. Always tomorrow. I may start tagging as ‘ex-xanga’, see where that goes.
    it may be, oddly that the exiles have so easily immigrated to WP that Xanga has been slowly forgotten, like a joke nobody remembers the punchline to anymore.


  9. From Xanga’s wiki page, for your enjoyment:

    Xanga has been criticized for giving its users too much flexibility, including the use of arbitrary JavaScript. This feature was used to mount a denial-of-service attack on Slashdot’s search page in late 2004, causing intermittent errors.[40]
    Xanga 2.0 (see below) has answered the “flexibility” criticism above by allowing, through its implementation, practically no flexibility to its users. As such, it is now not only almost completely impervious to cyber-attacks, it is also impervious to user enjoyment.[41]
    Xanga 2.0[edit]
    In September of 2013 Xanga relaunched under the assumed name of Xanga 2.0. Xanga/Xanga 2.0 is no longer a free blogging webspace. Users will now have to pay an annual fee of $48.00. The intellectual property of many users has since been lost. Xanga only saved archives from users that posted in the last five years (2008-2013). On their webpage they mentioned the merger, but reluctantly forgot to include their mobile users (mobile app users). Xanga claims they are currently still working on the issue, however they are not forthcoming with a solution plan or an ETA on when they will come to a solution.
    As of November 2013, new users can no longer join Xanga via Xanga’s only current user solicitation at Crowdhoster. The “Join In” buttons are now no longer functional and the number of “backers” has been constant at 1,175 for several weeks.
    Xanga is clearly doomed. Only its date of proximate closure is still unannounced.[42]


  10. Cool concept but former members would have to see this exact post first in order to know what tags to search. I think Xanga itself would be more all-encompassing but of course, has less of a filter to it. Unfortunate that WordPress doesn’t have a front page like the old Xanga front page where a post like this can reach many more people than one’s subscribers!


    • Yeah, that’s why I’m leaving as featured on my site for a few months to see if there’s any interest over time…to be discovered via reblogs/reposts outside of direct subs. It will take common use to a set of tag words for it to work as intended.

      The current state of “real” Xanga is deplorable.


  11. Spoken like a true Xanga refugee. I do recall Xanga communities to be stronger but I’ve come to really love WordPress more as I began to use it. Maybe it’s just me who wants to throw away my old Xanga life, haha.


    • Lol,…yeah, I guess I would be classified as a die hard relocated Xangan. =) I started Blogspot and WordPress sites years back, but always gravitated back to mostly using Xanga as my main blog. Their restructuring forced me to finally move on to WP.

      I mostly like WP but some things I don’t like- especially the fact that one’s comments can be edited by the owner of the blog you make them on. That someone could literally put words in your mouth and reword your comments makes me wonder why they allow that capability.

      Another sad part is so many former Xangan’s took the site change as a queue to just stop blogging overall.

      I do like the openness of WP and the ability to communicate on a bigger part of the web than just the Xanga enclave.


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  13. Figured I’d pop this on the pinned instead of digging for any other more recent Xanga related post. – Nice exchange with Joel on that Summer Slowdown post. A lot of the time I find he does either just tell people he’ll let the team know, or completely agree with them just to get ’em to shut up and go away. The team, if the team is even still around at all, should probably find someone else to act as liason since, and this is just my own personal observation, the only thing Joel wanted to get done was Autisable. Not saying that it’s a bad thing, just saying it might have been a conflict of interest, especially since he admits that having John himself, and Marc working on THAT took time away that could have been spent working on Xanga itself. It’s almost like now that Joel’s got what he wanted out of it, who care about anyone else. I’m sure IRL he’s probably a great guy, but he’s not and has never been the right person to liason for Xanga. Unfortunately, nobody was willing to do it because the majority of people qualified to do so saw it was a hopeless situation and walked away.


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  15. I actually completely forgot about Xanga until a few days ago when I was going through some old files and came across a folder titled “Xanga” that had all my old drawings in it. I really do still miss that place and the people who were there. It was such a special community to be a part of, and it truly felt like we were all friends. That’s why it makes me so angry–even now–to think of how the XangaTeam ruined such an amazing platform, and it’s still too painful for me to even find out how or why it all ended the way it did, but it doesn’t matter because I’ll never think they were justified in making those changes. Ever. I wish things were different, but I’m so very grateful for the time I had as a Xangan and hey, look at us! It’s through Xanga that you and I have been friends for so many years and counting! 🙂


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