Another Date to Remember


Another date to file under special milestones:

September 18


I like to make note of the days where big trading revelations come to me that allow me to take a big step forward in the science/art of day trading.

They don’t happen often – If my recollection holds, this marks only my 3rd major insight in as many years since I decided to make proficiency in day trading my main focus.

That’s not to say I don’t make smaller discoveries far more often, but it is these rare personal revelations that allow a “level up” in trading skill and profit potential.

I’ve posted in the past about a study that shows that skills in trading are not locked to being linear or time dependent- meaning that the amount of time spent trading isn’t directly proportional to whether one becomes successful at it or not. The study showed a similar small percentage number of those who were able to succeed in trading among the surveyed trading groups whether a person had only been trading for several months or several years- suggesting a certain mindset and understanding needed to make the jump to being consistently profitable. Some people can pick it up faster than others, while some never do, regardless of the time spent learning the craft.

From what I’ve experienced, trading growth comes from having “aha!” moments that evolve your understanding, letting one see and approach problems using a much more refined insight from what was being done before.

As such, I consider them golden gifts which merit a milestone place marker in my quest at trading mastery.


3 thoughts on “Another Date to Remember

    • Hi! I’m an aspiring day trader/investor who likes learning and discussing things that drive Wall Street and the economy….I’m strangely wired that way. =)

      So you are a former Xangan as well? Pleased to meet you! =) My Xangan compadres have dispersed throughout the internet zone – many to WP but others to Tumblr, Blogspot, other blogging site like Blogster, or just gave up blogging altogether.

      Xanga is a real mess right now, as it’s “new” pay version operates at a far lower quality than “free” WP and net volume is drying up like a desert.

      I don’t remember ever seeing you there. Did you ever post or comment on any front page or “Ish” sites?


      • my username was locomotiv..i must say i have a vague idea of what a front page is..let alone an Ish site..i was there about for 2 years…it was so much more interactive than here and easier to understand..well i’ll get use to it….


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