Two Big WordPress Weaknesses

One big failing I’ve discovered with WP is the lack of ability to delete any comments you make on another person’s blog. I found this out the hard way a few weeks back when I replied to the wrong person in the comment thread, and figured I’d just copy/paste the comment to the intended person, and then delete the original. The copy/paste went fine, then I found out I had no way to delete my initial reply.

Strange that this feature isn’t available since most other sites like Blogspot have that feature. Xanga “used” to have a delete feature but now that it moved to the WP engine, it’s now also subject to the same limitations.

Even worse, is any comments made to a site gives the owner of that site EDITING rights on them as well- which means someone else can not just delete your comment, but change the words you’ve said. Having such a “feature” available is not only ridiculous, but potentially dangerous since words can literally be put in someone’s else’s mouth.

I’m surprised folks haven’t gotten on WP’s case to take care of these issues ASAP, especially the second one.


21 thoughts on “Two Big WordPress Weaknesses

  1. the idea that someone else can change our comments is appalling..and Word Press has an aura of refinement and distinction about it..sometimes i wonder why..


  2. Aha, I was going to post last night about “Two ‘duh’ bugs on WordPress, but in the end gave up, like in Chinatown (the film) where they last line is “Hey, whadaya want, this is Chinatown.”
    Important to distinguish between bugs and annoyances. The two overlap, but yes, the question is ‘do they know there is egg on their face, do they care, Are they incapable of wipng it off?
    On my Stats/Top commenters , for example, the Top #1 Commenter is a girl who left maybe a dozen comments over 8 years on my Xanga. She’s listed as ‘960 Comments’.
    I also have ‘selected for me,’ Sites you will like’ cuz they’re ‘followed by folks you’ve liked’. Every one so far is either in Chinese, or totally un-related to anything I care about. Plus I’ve never ‘Liked’ a blog here, not understanding the ramifications of that deed.
    I could go on. And on and on.
    The bottom line is: how exactly do these f*ck-ups get rectified? Like ‘Edit a received comment?(!!) Who died and made his dog the back-up programmer for this site?


    • “Who died and made his dog the back-up programmer for this site?”

      I wouldn’t say that since it’s an insult to dogs everywhere, haha. The strange part is this isn’t some programming “error”, but an “intentional feature”. What’s more is there are a number of people that actually like and defend having this capability…which is more surprising.

      If you get site recommendations based on likes and never issues a like, now that’s a bonafide error they would have a hard time spinning into a positive.


      • I agree with you, as usual “The more I meet Silicon Wunderkinder, the more I like dogs” (I think it rhymes in French)
        yes, there are of course a few standard questions one needs ask when encountering ‘bugs’, and ‘Is this intentional?’ is among them.
        For example, I’m replying here on your site and not in the pop-down box on my site because if I type more than a line or two, the ‘Post Reply’ click has scrolled down to below the page-bottom! To me that’s a bug, but perhaps the coders don’t consider a reply beyond ‘LOL’
        Oh and ‘self-promotion’; Drop by at your leisure and enjoy some of my original tunes. I have one in the queue about a day-trader, as a matter of fact/ JS


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