Shutdown: Don’t Hate the Players, Hate the Game

Well thought out analysis. The systemic problems in our current government are huge and may not be easily corrected since gerrymandering has established an enclave of those with non compromising ideologies – the antithesis to a sound working government.

The GOP may have made a grave error in attaching itself to the Tea Party movement to achieve the 2010 victories, and the House Speaker seems powerless to stop the united plans of those who were voted in on the basis of hating big government in general and Obama’s policies in particular.

Benjamin Studebaker

Today I’ve been reading around the internet the myriad reactions to the US government shutdown. Seemingly universally, these reactions all assign blame for the shutdown to someone. Most are blaming congressional republicans, but some are blaming senate democrats and the administration, while others are blaming both at once. I wish to challenge this entire way of talking about the government shutdown by arguing that the shutdown is the result of structural forces outside the control of any of the participating factions. I will argue that instead of blaming republicans, democrats, or both, we should blame none of the above. Instead of hating the players, we should hate the game–the political institutions that have failed us.

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