Which Party is to Blame for the Government Shutdown?


There is much banter back and forth with each party claiming the other is responsible for the current government shut down.

Jon Stewart casts light on where the true responsibility belongs.


11 thoughts on “Which Party is to Blame for the Government Shutdown?

  1. I have never understood how politicians can look at something they said in an interview on tape and say they didn’t say that. Stewart does always manage to get to the heart of it. My granddaughter is majoring in political science at college just because of The Daily Show sparked an interest in her over the years.


    • I wish the media would have the decency to highlight their hypocrisy more when they are engaging in “doublespeak”.

      Does your granddaughter wish to pursue a political career as an analyst?


      • So far she is thinking law but that always depends on the funding part. She has participated in the girls’ state conventions. I really doubt in the long run she wants to be center stage and being an analyst would probably be where she ends up.


  2. Stewart is totally correct. I just watched a clip of one Tea bagger rallying in front of the White House… he said” Obama should come up here and go down on his knees with his Koran…..” how do you talk to this kind of people?


    • That’s one of the biggest problems- some people have complete blinders on and modern media allows them to select information sources that only support their POV. I wish there were stronger laws to prevent outright lies from being presented as factual information.


      • I paraphrased wrongly. It was even even worse. he said Onama should leave town….. or….. get off his knees , put down the Quran, ( or whatever he’s doing praying to Allah), and get out of White House wwith his hands up. I teared up with the image of Pres. Obama and his family doing exactly that.


        • I have to shake my head when I hear some of the pure vitriol coming from people – it shows how poisoned their minds are, and the amount of folks in this state of self-delusion seem to be growing- that’s the real scary/depressing part.


      • PS

        Re media…. they now call it false equivalency. CNN is the worst offender. they try to show nuetrality thereby allowing lies and misinformation to be put out there, without challenging them.It’s like a weighing balance with the truth weighing more heavily, but to keep it ” balanced”, they pile on cr*p on the other side.


        • This is soooo true, and a failure of our news media. They allow an off the wall opinion to be compared to a rational one and weigh them as equals, inferring that the “truth” lies somewhere in between the two views – so ridiculous!!


  3. Love the Daily Show and yep OJ did it and he must have been a republican. First I was angry at both parties until I saw the Tea Party and the GOP and listened to the lies.
    I hope when these morons are up for reelection that the voters remember who was responsible for this crap and vote them out.
    I still can not believe that cruise whats his butt was allowed to hold the rediculous 20 something hour fillibuster.
    Sorry I am on my soap box.


    • Anyone with a level assessment should arrive at the conclusion that the minority party can’t use the creditworthiness of the US as a weapon to get what it couldn’t do legislatively or judiciously. It upends the whole concept of democracy and rule by majority. No one wins in a default.


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