Lucky 13



Friday fell on the 13th, marking it as the day many superstitious folks fear as being a trigger of unlucky events.

Oddly enough, it turned out to be a day of some decent positives in my case.

First big positive is that my tracking of market movement was spot on today, making it much easier to predict where the market was headed in the short term. I was able to place a near perfect trading entry and exit despite the choppy/bucking nature of current market movement. It’s an amazing feeling when you start seeing near exact moves of the market in advance and watch it slowly play out according to your expectations.

Buoyed by that, you know I had to get in on the latest Mega Millions Mega Jackpot that’s been running up since no one has won the jackpot in several weeks.

I picked two sets of numbers, paid my $2, and got my money’s worth of dreaming big. =)

….and the numbers were revealed……



….and… jackpot for me. =(


I did get the mega and one other number right so I won $2, winning my money back. =)  First time I won any lottery cash since I can remember.

I have to say it was a decent day. =)


It was also a bit weird…..

I went grocery shopping and when I went into the store, I noticed someone behind me also going in the store. One of my pet peeves is crowds when shopping – I’m not a fan of people in front of me slowing me down or people walking closely behind me.

Maybe it’s a byproduct of focusing on details of trading, but I’m very aware of my surroundings, and I’m always annoyed by other shoppers that don’t notice others and block movement with their carts or bodies without consideration of getting in the way of others. An example is someone who blocks an entire aisle with their cart when they stop to look rather than pull to the side to let others pass.

Anyway, this guy is walking in behind me – not that close, but close enough that I don’t want to feel his presence too long walking around the store, so I do a hard break left from the main path and check out some items set up near the entrance- figuring he’d keep walking past and I can shop in peace, haha. 🙂

So I’m looking at the items, but I notice from the corner of my eye that he abruptly stops shortly at the point where I turned and starts looking around- first to the right, then to me, then back to the right.

Then he turns around, and slowly leaves the store.

Uh, what was that about???

Thinking back, as he left, he didn’t have a cart or a hand basket either.

That, I’ll chalk up to Friday the 13th weirdness!





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