Floored: A Movie about Professional Trading before Computers Dominated the Scene

This is a good movie about life as a pit trader back in the days before technology started creeping in with computer trading.

A person with just a high school education had a shot at learning the ropes and becoming very wealthy. On the other hand, a person could wind up losing it all and go back to the bottom rung of employment wages.

This was a time before computer charts and one had to be able to stand their ground and compete with others in the trading pit to get the best trades.

With the rise of computers and automation, the need for floor trading was reduced and many former pit trading masters had trouble adapting to the new landscape.

The new age of computerized trading ended the careers of some, but at the same time opened the door for a new generation of traders like myself who can now trade from their home.

The trading opportunities and risks are still there, but the tools and methods of the past have been updated with the progress in technology.


4 thoughts on “Floored: A Movie about Professional Trading before Computers Dominated the Scene

    • The video you referenced is of William Greenspan, not Alan – big difference! =)

      The video is okay, but it’s a shame so much time was chewed up by some attendees asking basic questions about constructing pivots that could be found in most technical books. What a waste of firepower asking such trivial questions when he could have been spending that time revealing much more insightful information.


      • Wow! Did I really write Alan instead of William. But I totally agree that too much time being talk about the pivots. At the time I was looking for the “William Greenspan Rule”, which has to do with the breakout of key levels.


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