The Demise of Xanga.

I haven’t done the Xanga x-fer to WP maneuver in a long time so I don’t remember all the details.
Can someone who’s done it more recently lend this Xangan transplant a hand? =)


3 thoughts on “The Demise of Xanga.

  1. Download your from xanga. You can upload them here, just choose the correct upload format. It’s a bit over complicated herebut yeah. The upload option is in the menu somewhere


  2. I just tried to see if I could still get to it. It took me to that page spouting all the crap about moving to Xanga 2.0. I found this link amongst all that crap: It took me to the Xanga login page. I used my old name and password and it let me in. I clicked Archives and it gave me a link to download my archives. So I guess that’s how you do it. I had downloaded mine before Xanga moved, and I tried to upload them to my WordPress blog, but it didn’t work. Not sure what I did wrong, and at this point I don’t care anymore. At least I have the archives on my comp, so that’s good enough for me. Good luck. Hope it works for you 🙂


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