Trading Room Set Up Pics

Trading rooms can reflect the personality of the trader, and as such can vary greatly from one to another. After one becomes immersed in trading, one typically realizes that having just one or two screens isn’t enough to capture all the visual information needed to make trade decisions. And so, one starts adding monitor screens…

Let’s start with my set up:



I had been using a two screen set up for a while, but when I got serious about trading, I quickly realized I needed more screen real estate. I added another monitor I wasn’t using, but that wasn’t really doing the job either, so I decided to do a real upgrade and build a 4 monitor system. That made a BIG difference in my ability to keep track of the different market time frames. Surprisingly, even now, I have problems fitting everything I want to see on all four screens at once.


Here are some set ups I’ve seen on the web:


Trading Room 4

Trading Room 3

Trading Room 13


The pic above is more of a gaming set up, but I suppose it would also make a good trading environment.

Trading room 9


trading room 2Nice trading room scenery!

Trading room 6


Trading Room 8

And now for the extreme set ups…..

Trading Room 7


Trading Room 1

Hmmm, when your room starts looking more like something from NASA, you may have gone a wee bit overboard…. 😉




10 thoughts on “Trading Room Set Up Pics

    • The stand is heavy cast iron and the base is additionally weighted down. It’s extremely stable so the main concern was if the desk could support the weight focused around the base area.


  1. Whoaaa and all this time the only ppl I thought had ridiculous amounts of monitor are gamers…I guess in your case it’s necessary. Nice setup. Looks like some serious trading action will be happening.


    • I didn’t notice you had commented, and your timing for an “April” reply made me wonder how I missed your reply earlier when the others had commented,…until I noticed the date/year. You gave a stealthy reply, haha!
      The monitor real estate is needed to look at charts in different time frames..such as one chart shows the last 2 hours, another 6 hours, another a few days, and another a few months to a few years. You can switch back and forth on one screen, but ;ts easier to see the big picture with all screens on display.
      One of the side benefits are you can truly easily multitask- one screen showing TV or a movie while you can work on the others.


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