I Got Married

I was surrounded by friends and strangers at the reception area. My feelings at the time were a little nervous, but excited and happy.

After that the dream gets fuzzy for other details.

As far as dreams go, I believe this is a first that I ever recall getting or being married. I have a dream book that aids in interpreting dreams, and usually it’s helpful, but this time not so much. It suggested feelings of melancholy, but I’m not feeling sad or depressed so I’m not seeing a connection. Weird that according to that book, marriage is associated with depression….is it trying to tell me something as a warning about marriage? Haha.

Let’s see, what else do I remember…

I was wearing a tux, I was standing in the reception area as if it was shortly after the marriage event itself. The mood was festive.

The strange thing is I have no clear picture in my mind of my new “wife”. She wasn’t at the reception, but during that time I think an image of image of her flashed in my mind when I thought about her. I woke up having no clue or memory/connection to who she was.  You’d think I’d be able to focus on who I was just wedded to! 🙂

If I had to do my own analysis, I’d say it was some symbolism of transition to a new phase..maybe related to my trading?




8 thoughts on “I Got Married

  1. I came here to congratulate you but never mind *shakes head*

    I’ve never gotten married in a dream but I definitely had “the one” appear before. I have no idea who that person is either.


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