Cat Comes to Rescue of Small Child

This brand new video shows a cat coming to the aid of a small boy who was under a vicious surprise attack from a neighborhood dog.

Amazing video showing the protective instincts of a cat towards his family. Tara the cat has earned a lifetime of gourmet meals and catnip for this.

Who says cats don’t make good guard pets? 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Cat Comes to Rescue of Small Child

    • The cat’s attack got the dog to immediately stop biting the child- that definitely prevented more serious harm. If it were just the mother there, it might have become a tug of war which could have caused much worse injuries.


    • The cat is a definite hero. 🙂 The reason mom left the child is that while she was checking her son, she notice the dog was still close by lurking, and she wanted to make sure it didn’t swoop in for a second attack, especially with her arms full carrying the child. She and the neighbor who owns the dog got the it secured.


  1. wow that was a pretty crazy video. i thought it would be a dog barking and snapping at the kid but it seriously dragged him down! what happened to the dog? and the owner of the dog??

    i love cats, so this is great. they’re so agile and quiet and graceful.

    btw, i just subscribed to your blog. each time i visited your site, i saw the same post about the xanga community tags on wordpress. i thought you just never updated your blog since then but then i realized you pinned it as a featured post at the top of your site and your updates were posted beneath that long entry. who knew?


    • Yeah, WordPress has the “feature” option to pin a blog at the front. I didn’t know it looks like the blog isn’t being updated, haha.

      That was the most vicious out of the blue unprovoked dog attack I’ve seen. The dog was taken by animal control and put under observation, and the latest news is that the dog will be euthanized. There was no mention of the owner other than he was helpful in working with the child’s mom in securing the dog and calling 911 for the injuries.


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