Trading Update: Practice and “Patience” Makes Perfect

I initially thought I could incorporate my newly discovered market movement behavior into my system. But as time went on it became clear that I had to modify my system instead to make it compatible.

As such it’s taking some time to get familiar with the updated system. It’s a little frustrating since I’m anxious to master it but I reluctantly realize that there’s a learning curve involved. It’s taken me years to get to the point where I’m at, so I can’t sweat the few extra weeks it will take to come up to speed.

The big difference is now I can map out perfect EOD solutions based on the new system- detailing the signals my charting would have provided for the best entry and exit signals. It serves as the answer key to my real time plots and the challenge is mapping the real time plots with enough speed and accuracy to make use of the signals.

The market has taken on a very “choppy” nature which is what makes real time mapping a challenge. Lots of zig zagging to confuse you as to its future direction.

An interesting revelation I noticed is that all the “market chop” may appear random, but when you have a good idea where the market is headed, all the chop reveals itself to be quite devious – dancing along different paths seemingly intentionally to lure traders in with false signals. It basically neutralizes all the standard “textbook” support/resistance rules you see in most TA books. If you make a mistake with your support and resistance lines, the market will still “react” to them via “chop” to make it look like one’s plot is correct, only to have it fail going forward. All the chop basically forces one to be accurate with their plots to avoid the traps.




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