WordPress Fix: How to Find Your “DashBoard” Button after WP’s Latest “Improvement”

It seems that as of late WP has been bitten by the “change” bug and has been making what seem like spurious updates to its site. Earlier this year they “upgraded” the blog edit page which I found to be quite hostile to saving and formatting, so I went back to using “classic mode” once they allowed us to. I say “allowed” because they just sprung the new edit page with no warning or trial period allow you to test the waters first. I and many other users found the original editor to be more user friendly, which is why they probably made it available again.

A more recent change is having the list of menu items on your blog site such as “Blogs I Follow” and “Freshly Pressed” appear on the left side of the screen rather than the right side. Why switch sides? Were people actually complaining about the menu being on the right side? I wasn’t, and I find it annoying for it to be moved to the left.

That change, while annoying, was harmless relative to the latest “improvement” foisted on the blogging public- the “new”, but definitely NOT improved  “My Sites” menu.

The previous “My Sites” option button gave you access to your “Dashboard”,  which gives you an overview of your stats, comments made, replies received, in addition to other useful information and tools.

However, this is what the new “My Sites” page looks like:


Um,….where’s the Dashboard button, you may ask? Good question…..great question! WP has made changes and neglected to tell anyone how to access the prior menu items that existed there. How very nice and considerate of them….NOT! 😡

I guess they thought these changes would be so “intuitive” that all the answers would just come naturally. That certainly wasn’t the case for me as I felt pretty lost.

I was fortunate my browser saved the location of “Dashboard” so I was still able to access it, but I was angry that I wasn’t able to find it directly, so I set to work trying to figure it out.

I finally did, and will present it here in case you too are having issues with finding it. You be the judge on if this “new upgrade” makes it “easier and faster” to find things as WP  claims…..

Step 1: Locate the “All sites” toggle on the top left side of the screen (see red circled item):



Step 2: Click on “All sites” list if closed to show the list of sites available (green circle):




Step 3:  Click on the site you wish to use. This will reveal a list of additional menu items:



Step 4: Click on the “Menus” button (red circle):


Step 5: Okay, now you are almost there and you see a screen that “looks” like the old dashboard, but you have to make one more selection – click on the “Dashboard” button located on the top left (blue circle):




And there you go – so MUCH easier and faster now, right? :/



5 thoughts on “WordPress Fix: How to Find Your “DashBoard” Button after WP’s Latest “Improvement”

      • *nods* when in doubt I’ll find some way to make it work or break it trying! ^_^ I gather this is supposed to be ‘easier’ for mobile users.. though who blogs from their phone honestly? Meh. Well I did try from a PSP once, and that was whack.


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