Freaky Friday- “Too Many Cooks” Show

I was told it’s best to just pass this on without describing it, so I won’t elaborate too much.

Whether you find this hilarious, idiotic,  brilliant, boring, or disturbing will depend on your sense of humor as well as your TV show IQ based on how much TV you’ve watched over the years.

I found it to be quite humorous/entertaining, in a nostalgia mixed with Salvidor Dali plus PTSD sort of way.  🙂

The show is about 11 minutes long.


Whatcha think?  =)


4 thoughts on “Freaky Friday- “Too Many Cooks” Show

    • This played on “Adult Swim”, the “after hours” time slot of the cartoon network where they specialize in off beat, random, and outright weird/bizarre/”what did I just watch?” type of humor.


    • Definitely a part of the “Theater of the Absurd” wing of comedy. The link you posted says “suspended”?

      I checked out the general home page..

      “It looks a little like Xanga mated with the old myspace. ”
      I also see “reddit style” DNA in that mix.

      A good test for a blogging site is if it lets you subscribe/comment on other sites- having to pass a message via another user isn’t a good sign. 😉

      By the way, Xanga updated again….more news about bots and denial of service attacks with zilch about community features- as expected, or course. At least they only waited nearly two months this time rather than another year.

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