Government By The People and For the People? Look at the New Budget and Decide

I have soooo many opinions regarding various current events and political happenings, but the lack of time keeps me at bay.

The current situation of the latest federal budget talks motivated me to at least point out a few things that appear to be very wrong/sad.

The biggest threat to this country isn’t true liberal, conservative, libertarian, or independent thought- it’s the pervasive lack of critical thought employed by the masses. This is all too apparent when looking at online comments that follow news articles. There are so many passionate, but inaccurate opinions masquerading as facts being thrown around, I sometimes wonder if people are being paid to deliberately push misinformation.

While opinions abound, what’s lacking is an open mind that seeks the truth/reality of what they are talking about. It’s more about making one’s point than in being accurate or finding the truth. Judging by comments – just about EVERYONE thinks they are the “enlightened ones” and anyone who disagrees with them are the poor clueless low information folks brainwashed by their media/pundit of choice.

The last election was the lowest turn out since 1942. That in itself is an amazing stat. Think about how many people whine and complain about the government or politicians they don’t like, and yet the odds are high that while they can find the time to complain – they run up short when it comes time to actually make a difference. Remember that the next time you see complaint comments online.

Next, the country is so inundated with opinion based news media that many simply don’t try to digest the news and think about it for themselves, but are swayed by the broadcast opinions of others as to what is right or wrong. This has resulted in extreme polarization so it’s rare for people to actually have an intelligent discussion of topics rather than a barrage of accusations and insults being hurled at each other when there are disagreements. The end result of this is that neither person ever changes their mind or grows over the wasted exchange of words

If everyone would just focus on ONE thing politically, we would all be better off – what are your local elected officials doing to make life better for you and your friends and family? Don’t accept an answer that includes an attack of their political rival, find out the exact things they have done to make your life better as opposed to serving corporate interests in ways that are harmful to you.

Some of the terms of the new budget agreement that were APPROVED by many Democrats and Republicans really stand out as not being for anyone but the 1% and/or corporate interests and clearly not in the best interest of the average person regardless of party affiliation.

Some Examples:

1) The Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform package passed in 2010 put new limits on how banks that receive taxpayer backing can use high-risk financial instruments known as a swaps, which were a key driver of the last financial crisis.

It’s only been 6 years since the 2008 meltdown that sparked the Great Recession. Despite proven fraud on the part of the big banks, none of them has faced criminal charges, and now the safe guards intended to prevent a repeat of this type of crash are being stripped away. The current budget deal removes those limits.

Who sponsored this addition and how does this move help anyone but the banks and their desire to take more risk at our expense? Yet, this passed the House. What people should do is find out if their representative voted in favor of this and if so, have them explain to you why they shouldn’t be impeached over taking actions that increase taxpayer risk of having to bailout banks in the future after we just had the worst recession since the Great Depression.

This is how the negotiations regarding this were described:

“In exchange for ending “swaps” restriction, lawmakers boosted the budgets of two Wall Street regulators, the Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission.”

Lack of proper banking regulation and enforcement let to the 2008 meltdown. How is boosting the budget of the regulators now something that needs to be “negotiated”? Shouldn’t this be a given? It sounds like we have a group of folks who are taking the side of banks – whose representatives are they? Will this help you or the banks? Is your representative on the side of banks?

2) Currently, rich people can only give $32,400 per year to a political party. The new budget deal moves the decimal point on that cap, allowing annual contributions of up to $324,000 to the Republican or Democratic national committees.

Hows that for “bipartisan” cooperation? Was this to help the majority of people, or just the plutocracy of the country? This should be crystal clear proof of just how much our government is bought and paid for by the 1%. Do you really think they actually are concerned about your interests over the demands of those who can afford to give those sums of money?

Hey, but they also agreed on an area to save money- by cutting pension benefits to retiree’s.

These are just a few of many highly questionable things attached to this deal that should concern everyone. But sadly, most won’t be concerned. Instead, they will let the conversation devolve into a Republican vs Democrat, Liberal vs Conservative mishmash of name calling and attacks instead of asking why so many our OUR ELECTED CONGRESS seems to be bending over backward to help the elite of our society at the expense of everyone else?

People would rather blame the things they don’t like on the political party they have been trained to hate without realizing that things would likely be very similar if not identical if parties swapped positions of power.

Until folks learn to move beyond the “passionate” but blind mantras of their party of choice and make decisions for themselves to make their elected rep held ACCOUNTABLE for their actions, they will continue to sell the 99% down the river by bits and pieces.






4 thoughts on “Government By The People and For the People? Look at the New Budget and Decide

    • We get more and more stark examples of the inequality of the justice system where one can perform fraud on massive scale of trillions and destroy lives with the maximum penalty being a slap on the risk and fined a small percentage “cut” of all the ill gotten gain. However, selling loose cigarettes on the street puts one at risk of physical assault and execution by the authorities.


  1. There is no need to pay people to post their unfounded and ignorant opinions online. Bwahahaha. Really though, it is not funny.

    “being accurate or finding the truth” – people are not as analytical and precising as you are. =]

    I don’t know why my computer is underlining “analytical” in red. It is not spelled incorrectly.


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