Alert: Anthem Insurance has Massive Customer Data Breach Exposing Customer Data

This may be the worst consumer data breach in corporate history due to its scope of affecting up to 80 million Anthem customers as well as the data exposed.

It’s a jackpot for identity thieves as among the data exposed:

1) Name

2) Social Security number

3) Date of birth

4) Home Address

5) Employment Information

6) Income Data

7) Email address


This will clearly result in an investigation on why this data wasn’t encrypted with layers of protection so a breach would expose all this information.

This is as serious as it gets since most of this information is constant, unlike a credit card number which can be easily cancelled.

More info:


The article lists precautions to take for those affected, but I would also add to be on guard against fraud calls where the caller pretends to be security or some authorized agency like a bank or police to get additional personal information. Real agencies will never solicit personal data information over the phone or via email.




6 thoughts on “Alert: Anthem Insurance has Massive Customer Data Breach Exposing Customer Data

  1. The lack of data protection by corporations always surprises me. Maybe it’s a result of outsourcing? But even if an investigation finds fault of what not, it doesn’t help those affected by the data breach.


  2. Anthem/BCBS is now offering free credit monitoring for all their clients and patients, in case you’re interested. I already signed up myself, but I don’t think my info has been breached. Regardless better safe than sorry.


      • Yes I know! It has been a while. Life’s still pretty much the same lol. I think I’ll be blogging more eventually, just life sometimes either get too busy or too boring so it doesn’t really give me motivation to write. And besides I can only stand reading myself rant once in awhile lol. Too much gets annoying :).

        What about you? How’s life been treating you? You’re still really active on WP, I’m surprised. I feel like everyone kinda stopped blogging after leaving Xanga, but you’re one of the few still dedicated to writing. It’s great – makes me feel welcomed when I write sometimes!


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