FCC approves net neutrality rules for broadband Internet


Proponents of net neutrality scored a major victory Thursday when the Federal Communications Commission voted to pass tough new rules meant to regulate high-speed Internet providers and ensure an open Internet.

The FCC’s commissioners voted 3-2 to pass a set of rules proposed earlier this month by chairman Tom Wheeler. As was expected, the commission’s two Democratic commissioners voted alongside Wheeler, also a Democrat, while the two Republican commissioners accounted for the “no” votes.

Thursday’s vote comes a few weeks after Wheeler penned an op-ed outlining his plan to put forth what he called “the strongest open internet protections ever proposed” by the FCC. By approving Wheeler’s proposal, the FCC voted to ban paid prioritization on both wired and mobile networks while reclassifying high-speed Internet service as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act. The rule change will allow the FCC to treat Internet Service Providers (ISPs)…

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