Failed Marriage Proposal Turns into Social Commentary on Modern Relationships

I’ve been too busy for blogging updates ( they will be forthcoming eventually), but I think this recent news item will be quick enough to do now….

So here’s a video of a guy proposing to his gf by way of a drive through meal at McDonalds:

Now if you watch the video, things take a turn for the worse when the gf’s reaction was a big thumbs down to the being proposed to by way of a drive up chicken sandwich.

There’s been many people speculating that this video is fake, done by actors- and I for one wonder why he felt it was necessary to “document” his failure of such a personal moment on the internet. I also wonder if he got his gf’s permission to do this or will this be another “surprise” for her.

In any case, what I found fascinating is the level of support the guy is getting and the corresponding level of hate being dealt towards the upset gf for rejecting his proposal. By and large the majority of both men and women (at least those identifying as such by their online accounts) are condemning her as being stuck up, non appreciative, undeserving, etc.., and advising the guy to break up with her.  She has some support, but it’s dwarfed by the negative responses.

My observant “market eyes” train me to be objective in my analysis, and in my viewpoint – it’s easy to understand why she would be upset. It’s common knowledge that certain things ring up pretty high for most women, and two of these things are the marriage proposal/actual marriage.

These events have special significance and the desire is to have corresponding special memories associated with them.

Now this guy had an engagement ring placed on top of a chicken sandwich delivered via a McDonald’s drive through window. Where’s the “special memory” associated with that?

In his defense, he states that their first date was at a McDonald’s (really?) due to his lack of planning skills, and she had joked that he’d probably propose to her that way. So he thought following through with that joke would be seen as a romantic gesture.

Here’s where he went horribly wrong:

1) Taking a joke literally without actually thinking if it’s something she would actually like.

Just because she joked about it doesn’t mean it’s the way to do it.

2) Minimal work put into the effort.

This might have been okay IF he had actually PLANNED WELL for it – such as have the McDonalds’s worker give him a bottle of champagne and roses or something out of the ordinary that would have more romantic value. Instead it was just a ring on a bun.

3) Lack of any romantic set up.

He just asked her to marry her with no attempt at making her feel special or explaining WHY he chose to propose to her at McDonald’s.

This is supposed to be a sweet memory that lasts a lifetime and he gave her a ring on a chicken bun at a drive through. It makes sense that she isn’t “ecstatic” about it.

So color me confused as to why so many people are angry with her for her reaction. What really amazes me is the number of women joining in the bashing. Would that be counted as the new level of “romance” these days? Are we at a level now where you can “text propose” to someone and that would still be considered “special”?

Call me “old fashioned”, but the guy could have and should have done MUCH better than that. It can be as simple as a nice picnic with some wine and crackers. It need not be expensive or elaborate – but there should be some EFFORT in being romantic beyond just sticking a ring in a chicken bun… a drive through.


Here are two shining examples of nerdy romantic proposals:

1) Scientist Discovers New Species of Dinosaur – Sneaks Marriage Proposal in His Published Study:


2) Guy works with programmer to create a “Video  Game Marriage Proposal” for his gamer girlfriend:





One thought on “Failed Marriage Proposal Turns into Social Commentary on Modern Relationships

  1. Romance is dead. If it tries to come back to life, people will say it is too cheesy (but a large proportion of girls will probably still love it deep inside).

    I don’t get why the girlfriend is getting all this hate either. Another girl might have been totally happy with that proposal, but she wasn’t and that should be ok- no need to say she is undeserving and whatnot.


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