Man Unhappy with Divorce Settlement Applies Solomon’s Wisdom, Sort of, by Cutting His Possessions in Half

German man states he and his wife are divorcing after 12 years and that apparently she left him for another man. He indicates the court system has awarded her half of their home possessions.

Clearly not amused by these turn of events, he decided to comply with the court’s verdict in a way that goes back to Old Testament Solomon, of whom it was written ordered a baby two women were fighting over to be cut in two to determine who the real mother was based on their reactions. That’s right – he decided to give his ex literally half of all shared possessions by cutting them in two, which includes a car.

He placed his half on ebay, and gave his ex the other half.

Ebay Ad:


Video of him doing the cutting:


Video description says: “Thank you for 12 beautiful” years Laura !!!!! you’ve really earned half, Greetings also to my successor





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