Trading Update: Charting Analysis Progress Made – Performance Stats Returning

Made some significant understanding breakthroughs that resolved the problems I was having with the amount of extra volatility spikes in price movement. It was a work in progress starting with the last week of June going into July, but during that time some major discoveries were made in how to interpret the “nuance” in market moves that filled the gaps in my trading plan.

Now at the end of the month and many trades later, my adjustments have been confirmed and the results have been some of the best trading I’ve done in years, and likely the best continuous precision trading ever.

The biggest obstacle to trading success, at least in my case, is the brain, and getting it to just understand and interpret market price action without the pollution of personal bias. This is far more difficult than it sounds because we have a lifetime of learning and experience that our brain seeks to engage in times of doubt and uncertainty. This leads to the brain “backseat driving” our decision making process which makes it that much harder to just focus solely on market behavior alone to achieve correct solutions. So the challenge most traders face is developing a system that will neutralize our external/internal biases and bring the focus back to pure market activity.

My July results will speak for themselves but before that, I will be updating my monthly/quarterly performance from the last update I made, which was January.

The months of Feb – June were “less than spectacular” with negative returns, which is bruising to the ego, but necessary to be fully transparent with returns for this year. As any trader/investor will tell you, it’s far easier to post the positive returns than it is the negative ones. =)




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