“We chose to fight:” How three Americans prevented a French train terror attack


3 thoughts on ““We chose to fight:” How three Americans prevented a French train terror attack

  1. i just read about this on BBC news. it’s really scary to see how far terrorists have gone to carry out their attacks, whether it be the WTC attacks, on trains in Europe, or the ongoing daily battles in the middle east and africa. these brave men saved hundreds of lives. the first paragraph of the article fails to mention that the 4th man who assisted was british (he’s the guy on the right in the photo).


    • Yes, it was very fortuitous that the attacker’s machine gun jammed, coupled with these quick thinking and acting men. The natural human reaction is to try to get out of harms way rather than meet it head on. The attack would have been certainly far worse without their actions as there was no way to escape on a moving train.

      The paragraph that mentions names has a link to the BBC news article that includes a video conference of the three men pictured above. Spencer Stone isn’t in the photograph as he received wounds during the fight to take down the attacker, but he is to be especially commended as being the first to tackle the shooter. After being wounded on his hands and neck from the attackers knife, he still tended to the first aid of a French passenger who had been shot in the neck and was bleeding profusely – amazing!


  2. Update: There were two guys who encountered the terrorist first- don’t know why they aren’t being mentioned as well-

    From Wikipedia:

    A 28-year-old French banker, only known as “Damien A.”, was heading to the toilet as the armed gunman was exiting.[9] Damien A. attempted to restrain or disarm the gunman but in the ensuing struggle lost his balance and fell to the floor. An Armenian-American academic working at the Sorbonne, 51-year-old Mark Moogalian,[9] then attempted to wrest the rifle from the gunman, who then drew an automatic Luger pistol[1][16] and shot Moogalian through the back of the neck.

    The guy shot in the neck must be the one Spencer Stone the American was applying first aid to after the attacker was subdued.


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