Beyond anger

In your life and in the world are many injustices. Let your response to those injustices be positive action, to make a difference, rather than uncontrolled anger.

Source: Beyond anger


10 thoughts on “Beyond anger

  1. I am learning how my reaction to perceived incompetence is disgust, rather than desire to educate, assist, or let it go. It is my new life goal to change, and not repeat what I endured.

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  2. The thing about uncontrolled anger is that it’s usually a knee-jerk reaction. If you take a second and think about why you’re angry, it’s more controlled 🙂


    • Yes – our emotions are immediate and instinctive. You don’t have to teach a baby how to be angry, scared, or happy- all that comes built in.

      Learning to be rational and not be led by our emotions is the heavy lift. Using our intelligence and reasoning to guide us rather than emotion is what really separates us from all the other animals on the planet.

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