Trump All but Completes His Hostile Takeover of the GOP Pres Nomination: RIP Conventional Wisdom

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Trump’s win in Indiana coupled with Ted Cruz dropping out of the race all but ensures Trump’s eventual clinching of the GOP’s Republican Presidential nomination, leaving all the pundits who never fathomed such a scenario in their wildest dreams stunned, and scratching their heads.

This election cycle has been a perfect case study of why you shouldn’t trust the “experts” when it comes to making assessments/predictions. We’ve seen in the 2008/2009 market crash that the vast majority of political and economic “insiders” had no idea of that approaching crisis and certainly gave no warning to investors.

This time just about all the so called political guru’s completely missed the rise of Trump and his ability to stay afloat regardless of what he says no matter how inflammatory. They are flummoxed about his ability to withstand increased scrutiny and a biased assault of press related articles against him, attempting to write him off in hopes that the polling numbers would follow, which they didn’t.

Even worse, having missed the boat on predicting the ascendancy of Trump’s campaign, they have the audacity of now writing articles on explaining how this came to pass- like anyone should pay attention to the same folks that were completely oblivious  to his sustainability in the first place.

Simply psychology can explain the Trump phenomenon.  People are angry at Washington and the constant failure of their elected officials to live up to their promises. In their frustration they seek someone not yet “tainted” by the system that constantly overpromises and underdelivers. They are now ready to pick an outsider over the political insiders.

Trump remains on top due to his public persona of brashness/arrogance towards the establishment. The more he is attacked, the more he fits the role as the “rebel” of politics to all his supporters, which increases his appeal. It’s very similar to the daughter who is dating a “bad boy” and the more the parents admonish and scold her to let him go, the more attractive he becomes to her.

The “experts” ask, how can Trump supporters be so oblivious to all the negative things he has said as well as his past flip flops on opinions? Why doesn’t this exposure change their mind? The answer is they have made an emotional choice based on their resentment of their elected politicians as well as his positive message on better times ahead with bringing back outsourced jobs and good times in general, and are ignoring/rejecting anything else said, period. Back to the daughter/bad boy example- how many times will she be “persuaded” with a list of rational cogent reasons why the guy she is dating is a bad match? How many times have your parents persuaded you to change your mind after you became passionate/excited about something or someone?

The “experts” asked, why did Marco Rubio fail to beat Trump at his own game of childish attacks/insults? The answer is you can’t imitate someone’s “brand” and expect to beat them with it. It’s the equivalent to the school valedictorian/nerd taking off his suit/tie, and putting on a leather jacket to try to woo the daughter away from the bad boy. All that does is make you look like a “wannabe” as well as corrupts the “brand” you stood for.  Notice how Cruz and Kasich didn’t take the bait to go into the mud, and how they continued to poll higher than Rubio before he dropped out.

Now these “experts” are saying in 20-20 hindsight Rubio made a mistake in fighting Trump in the mud when they were the ones who suggested he should do it! The lesson here is to be true to yourself, or at least “appear” that way. =)

Tonight we know that not even the behind the scenes 3D Chess Level strategy of Ted Cruz or his team up with Kasich was enough to stop Trump’s growing momentum.

This election season is one for the history books – that a non political outsider could take out a field of seasoned elected professionals that were way more funded and entrenched in the system than he ever was, and ride a populist wave to the Republican nomination turns all conventional wisdom and expert analysis on its ear. We live in interesting times!




6 thoughts on “Trump All but Completes His Hostile Takeover of the GOP Pres Nomination: RIP Conventional Wisdom

  1. Could it be these voters are disappointed in the obstructionists they voted into office not getting anything accomplished?

    Historically, it seems like people are quick to vote for actors/reality stars (eg Reagan, the Guvenator, now this clown.) Truly disturbing.

    Whatever the reason…I can never get into the head of a Trump supporter nor would I want to…haha. I’m on the other spectrum.


    • You have to remember, that the term “obstruction” is defined differently by the right than the left. =) For example, many on right don’t see anything wrong with their elected officials blocking Obama’s Supreme Court pick and just ignoring their job of having a hearing and vote. They are mad because they want more aggressive confrontation against the Dems. Boehner was deemed not aggressive enough because he wouldn’t agree to any more government shutdowns or threatened debt defaults to scare the Dems into capitulation- which is why they rebelled against him and forced him to resign.

      The GOP has stoked up great anger in their base and made promises they knew they couldn’t keep in a functioning two party system, so now the base is reacting to that by rejecting their established leaders.

      On the Dems side there’s also base anger at status quo (incremental) politics and the establishment, just not as intense as the right, or else Bernie would be much closer in the race.


    • Well, he has a solid segment of support from his base, but he’s angered quite a bit of demographics to do it, which will surely cause problems in the general election. Paul Ryan is saying he’s not ready to support Trump, the presumptive nominee! Never a dull moment!

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  2. Well written.
    Personally, i’m tired of Dems giving away all my money. I’m desperate enough to see what the other side is like.


  3. How about this North Korea endorsement? Ha. Trump, good bad or indifferent, he knows how to handle money well-enough to give him a shot, imo.


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