Why I Live in San Diego



I’ve never been a big fan of cold weather, having grown up and attended school in cold/snow zones. There has been some unseasonably cold temps in California the last couple of weeks thanks to the jet stream bringing arctic air so far south, but this week has seen a nice pay back with So Cal having some unseasonably warm temps of 75+ degrees these last two days. Today it hit 80 in San Diego. Sure, it’s an anomaly that will fade fast just like those freak warmer temps in the northeast and we’ll be headed back to the 50’s/60’s and lower, but it was a great break from the colder temps that invaded last week.




5 thoughts on “Why I Live in San Diego

    • Yeah, haha, it’s easy to get spoiled with the warmer temps here. But in my defense, I don’t keep the home heating on all the time, so my house is most likely colder than yours when it’s below 60. =)


  1. I do love the seasons though. Things are so pretty in biting cold, but sunny, especially when there’s ice out. I’m kind of not digging the PacNW winter, though….


    • I would much prefer to “visit” all winter seasonal changes than have to “endure” them. =) The first heavy snowfall that sticks looks so pristine and picturesque, but after that reality sets in and you have all the associated problems with having to dig your car out, the “thrills and chills” or driving/walking on icy roads/streets, and the inevitable dirty snow mounds that form over time in the city.

      Then there’s the cold arctic wind days that numbs your face so you can’t speak well until you thaw out….and heaven help your ears if you aren’t wear a winter hat or scarf! =)

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      • It isn’t that bad! If your city or town treats the roads properly, and you’ve taken necessary precautions with your car, you’re totally fine. I just saw a meme that said “why do I live where my face hurts” and then it showed pictures of giant bugs and alligators….I can’t say the meme is wrong! (Though “cold” up here is like, 35*)


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