Home Office Horrors: When Kids Attack!

Working from home is widely considered a blessing since the commute is just a few seconds and all your comforts are close by. Few workers are allowed this special privilege.

However, the situation isn’t without some problems. One would be the loss of daily contact/camaraderie with one’s corporate co-workers. You could feel left out of the main loop of activities.

Another is when any issues in the home affect your ability to do your job- such as having your kids decide to crash your prim and proper BBC televised interview. 🙂

The following shows the comical outcome of such a situation and the mom’s response only adds to the hilarity.



2 thoughts on “Home Office Horrors: When Kids Attack!

  1. Thanks for posting this again. I hadn’t given it a good watch, and it is hilarious! Reality TV at its best. Having finished my Bachelor’s at home and now doing my Master’s also from home with my nearly 4 and 5 year old boys, (when I started 2 years ago they were 2 and 3…), I can say sometimes I can’t wait to go back to work!!! But it is good to keep things in perspective. Young children don’t stay young forever, and comical things should really be laughed at!


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