The Simple Reasons Why the GOP is Choking on their Repeal/Replace Healthcare Agenda

The GOP’s attempts at making good on their 7 year campaign promise to repeal and replace the ACA was served a bitter pill of failure last Friday when 3 GOP Senators voted against the proposed bill.

The amazing thing though shouldn’t be that it failed due to 3 GOP dissenting votes, but that 48 Republican Senators were willing to vote for such a flawed and defective bill in the first place that had less that 14% public support.

The GOP seems to be suffering from a severe case of missing-the-point-itis when it comes to trying to make good on their campaign promise. They think that just getting a bill passed no matter how bad it is will make their base happy, when in fact, the Republican base is expecting them to provide a better alternative to the ACA.

The GOP House and Senate are caught in a bind because their campaign promises of a better alternative to the ACA was nothing but hot air and political games. Seven years of continuously passing bills to repeal the ACA and now when faced with the ability to do just that, realize that there are real world negative consequences that can’t be dismissed in some simple campaign slogan that will punish both red and blue states.

The GOP denounced Obama and the ACA for being “rammed” through government under secrecy and no Republican support. In reality, the ACA had several open hearings for ALL the discuss and debate and accepted GOP amendments to their bill, while the GOP monstrosity was crafted by just 13 men in a closed room in secrecy.

The reasons why the GOP is flailing and failing with their repeal attempts are pretty simple:

  1. They aren’t trying to IMPROVE healthcare but just strip the ACA of government financial support. Cutting back on Medicaid and taxes do NOTHING to improve the state of healthcare.
  2. The GOP refuses to acknowledge that the ACA is a CONSERVATIVE plan that has private companies in group exchanges selling health insurance as opposed to a progressive plan of single pay healthcare. This doesn’t give them much leeway in coming up with a decent alternative.
  3. The American public likes this part of the ACA: no preexisting conditions to get insurance, but this can only be done with a mandate that everyone be required to buy insurance. The GOP seeks to kill the mandate rather than address the real problem- cutting the cost of insurance. The majority wouldn’t have a problem with the mandate to buy insurance if it was affordable.
  4. The GOP is making NO attempt to directly reduce prescription or insurance costs, and live in a fantasy world of thinking the free market without government involvement will result in superior and more affordable care. If the “free market” were capable of producing superior solutions, there would have been no momentum for the ACA to be created in the first place as a solution. People who complain about the ACA’s rising costs  seem to forget that prices were spiraling into the sky pre-ACA as well, and at a faster rate to boot.
  5. A good portion of the GOP simply doesn’t believe the government should be involved in healthcare, and that affordable healthcare is a right citizens should be entitled to. If you can’t afford health insurance they think it’s okay to “choose” not to have it even though reality dictates we will all need medical attention at some point in our lives. Most bankruptcies are due to being overwhelmed by medical costs.


It would be far easier to fix the problems with the ACA than to just start over from scratch, as seen from the inability to get a unified GOP front on any real or decent plan.


6 thoughts on “The Simple Reasons Why the GOP is Choking on their Repeal/Replace Healthcare Agenda

  1. Oops, I was planning to (also) say ‘good analysis’.
    Must be a WP bug that this excellent post only today appears in my ‘Reader’.
    I sincerely do my best to understand the supposedly-intractable spread-sheet of keeping Americans healthy, or at least ‘medicated’.
    Viewed from here inside Israel’s (probably just by accident, ha) success-bubble in covering everyone, everywhere, for everything. I pay maybe $20 a month, haven’t used even a fraction of that so far, thank G-d, and (facetiously) die inside knowing that for the same price I could have had a heart attack !
    Finally, were I to need to choose a political party in the US; going with the GOP, particularly in its last few decades’ embodiment, would, one hopes, be a red flag to our mental-health community. They’d do tests for cognitive impairment, delusional thinking, perhaps read aloud your post here while striking my knee with a rubber hammer.
    I’m counting on you and millions more to end this un-funny circus. Even the clowns can’t keep their pants up.
    Once again, Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! As you can see, the US is going through a painful Bi-Polar episode on both an internal and global scale. We can only hope to right the ship before too long. Meanwhile, the US now plays the role of helping other countries feel better about their own problems, haha.


  2. I confess I don’t follow politics closely – just here and there. I pay attention to certain things. You’ve clarified some of what I already suspected. I just keep hoping the madness will end and something will happen to shorten a certain person’s term. peace


    • Since my focus is on trading, I keep abreast of the economy and things that impact it- which includes a big chunk of politics. This biggest problem with our political system is so many of our elected get big donations from corporations and super wealthy, and therefore focus on their needs instead of the general public. It results in people losing faith in our politicians and voting for folks who claim to be “outsiders”, who prove themselves to have just as many faults as seasoned politicians except they now also have no experience as well.

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