Xanga 2017 Review and “Non-Xanga” Xanga Update

In 2013, Xanga “upgraded” its website blogging service to the WordPress format and promised its users an improved user experience on the modern blogging platform.

Since that time, I’ve reviewed its progress, and not much has changed:

2014 Xanga Review

2015 Xanga Review

2016 Xanga Review


This year is no different- at the 4 year mark since the move to WordPress, the following Community Killers are still in effect:

  1. No front page of latest blogs
  2. No way to search for active users
  3. Closed to new users (not that anyone is likely breaking down the door to join)
  4. Blocked off from all other social network sites including other WordPress networks.
  5. No new status updates since 2015

Also the same is the yearly $48 fee, that supposedly pays for all these “improvements”.

Also, no new “Official Updates” to pass on either from the Xanga Official “Liaison”, who can often be mistaken for Xanga PR even though he’s not an employee.

The “liaison” did offer to have his June blog comments section be a way for current Xangans to post their contact/blog info to share with others. This, at the 4 year mark with no updates to pass on from TheXangaTeam…..right. He is also suggesting that folks start sharing their posts on the Facebook site to “help keep Xangan’s connected”. Of course if Xanga were actually functional, Facebook wouldn’t be needed/suggested. Seems very BIZARRE for people to be paying $48/yr to blog on a site that promoted community, but needs FREE Facebook to actually create it…..???

Oh yeah, the “liaison” hasn’t updated his site since early July, another sign of service decay.

I think this will be the last “review” barring some breakthrough changes since everything remains the same.

Okay, I do have a Xanga, “non Xanga” update…..

A current search under “Xanga” on YouTube has turned up a Brazilian party music band who now goes by this name.


So here’s the TRUE latest from Xanga:


Not bad…maybe I should move to reviewing these guys instead.



11 thoughts on “Xanga 2017 Review and “Non-Xanga” Xanga Update

    • As they say- “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. They probably overestimated their abilities and what they would be able to do with available resources and vastly underestimated to amount of work and time needed for it. Now, that in itself isn’t what’s bad- mistakes happen all the time. What’s shameful and clearly unethical, if not criminal is they feel they can virtually abandon the site with no updates or discernible improvements for years after taking money from people by continually marketing the switch over.

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    • Many stopped blogging, but those who continue went to several social sites…the big ones being WordPress,Blogspot,Tumblr, and Facebook. It’s unfortunate that none of the sites really has that “community style” feeling that Xanga had.

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  1. I really wish someone would buy the Xanga name and re-open it as its own blogging platform, again. I’m ‘fractured’ – I have posts linking to the Xanga/Wordpress switched-over site, to the free WP ‘import’ site I opened (that didn’t import the first three years of my Xanga archives), and the WP site I write off now – which I should combine with the ‘import’ site, but MAN is that a helluva mess to even think about.

    Seventeen years of blogging, splatted over three weblog locations, and this is how they treat me for being a premium (charter) member for more years’ worth of payments than ‘lifetime’ members paid!

    Make me sad. I miss the community of it. They could’ve just downsized by deleting anything inactive for more than six months, saved the storage space, and kept the community as it was.

    OTOH, I’m happy with my (free!!!!) WP, with it’s moderated commenting. I just wish it had all managed to land in once place! 🙂


    • Besides their top visionaries like Biz Stone leaving, they failed to keep up with technology and got stuck in 2G as the net went to 3G+. Many of the top bloggers/vloggers like Michelle Phan originated on Xanga, and later bailed to more advanced platforms. They lost all those big traffic generators.

      The code it was written in was also badly outdated for newer internet features- but its current state is deplorable- and they can’t blame that on WordPress- it sure looks like they just took a forever break in upgrading.

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  2. I have to feel like the whole thing was half scam/ half incompetence and they just walked away because it was such a disaster. $48 was an insane amount of money. There was zero justification for a price like that (in my limited knowledge). It seems they wanted to get some money before things went belly up. That’s just how it looks to me. But gosh – I can’t imagine any place being like (the original) Xanga – unless someone just builds a new Xanga. The code might have been large, old and cumbersome but they sure managed to give us a lot of features. I miss footprints and sign-in lock the most. I wish WP had those. Nothing will change with Xanga. It will sit there like a brick until evaporation. peace always

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  3. They should have let the site die completely instead of hanging on. I was a Xanga user and I loved the site. It pains me to see what it’s become. I run a different blog on blogger that I started on here and moved to Xanga. When Xanga went downhill I moved to blogger and now I’m starting over on her with a second blog. Xanga needs to just shut down completely.


    • The truly sad insult to the former and especially the remaining folks on there is that they have stopped updating entirely while still charging them for such abysmal service that’s far inferior to free WordPress.

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