Shocking Reveal: Many Rich and Powerful Men Have No Game


Corporate America, Hollywood, Washington DC, and News Media have been rocked by sexual harassment allegations toppling the giants and household names from those industries.

As the wave of revelations continues, it reveals the toxic culture of workplace environments that allow and make it easy for abuse to take place for decades with the perpetrators having no fear of being exposed to act as a restraint.

What I find equally shocking, is the mythos of rich and powerful men being assumed to be masters of wit, charm, and seduction has been shattered.

The movies always typically portray the rich handsome villain being able to seduce even the most resistant woman to have her starting to pursue him by using his highly refined grace, wit, guile, and charm. The “movie prototype” never has to force himself on a woman, his romancing skills are legendary that can’t be resisted for long.

Now current events lift the curtain to reveal that many of these mega rich men in real life have absolutely no game at all. In fact – it’s so bad/pathetic, they may as well be considered to have negative game.

You would think with the wealth and power at their disposal, they would be able to attract many interested women without needing to resort to predatory sex assault behavior.

Yet, it seems the consensus of the majority of these guys was that dropping their pants and exposing themselves was a “genius” move sure to put any woman in the mood. It’s absolutely amazing how many of these men thought that exposing their private parts was a good move. It’s like any kind of social training and norms are chucked out the window in favor of the most direct, crudest approach they can think of.

Having been outed, these guys now half-apologize – never fully acknowledging their horrible actions by saying there were “misunderstandings”. There’s nothing to “misunderstand” about them exposing themselves to their subordinates, acquaintances, and coworkers. There doesn’t seem to be any misunderstanding when they can see tears running down a woman’s face as they are being groped or worse- yet they continue.

What’s closer to the truth may be these guys had zero intentions of using any type of romantic charm, and just derive pleasure from forcing themselves onto women who they know have no interest in them. They are nothing more than rich predators abusing their power in the worst ways possible.



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