Alternate Universe Where Time Moves in Reverse? 😲

Scientists that have been studying how time moves in our universe believe there may be an alternate universe identical to ours except that time runs in reverse.

Think about that- in our universe we start off as babies and keep aging until we die. In the reverse time universe, somehow people would start off at their maximum age just before death, then grow younger over time and eventually continue to babies until they no longer exist!

One would be “born” with all the knowledge they would have accumulated over time, then as each day passes, “unlearn” a piece of it at a time.

You wouldn’t “eat” food- you would feel the sensation of being full, then slowly have the food move from your stomach to your mouth where you would “unchew” it and put it back on the plate in pristine uneaten condition. 😡 🀯

If you think about it, it really boggles the mind! You would live your life already knowing whats going to happen, then experiencing it, then forgetting about it…..weird! 🧐

Here’s a vid that shows what a typical day might look lie in a reverse time universe:

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Total Solar Eclipse Filmed in Time Lapse

Last week a total solar eclipse viewable from Chile took place. This time there was a great ground view perspective filmed via time lapse video.

The Dark Side of Hedge Funds

An interesting vid detailing the growth in power and influence of the top hedge funds.

I blogged earlier about the incredible wealth generated by the top hedge fund managers.

As can be expected, areas that produce great wealth attract all kinds of people and all moral temperaments.

So what happens when a hedge fund decides to ignore ethics and the law in pursuit of greater gains? They will be eventually pursued by the Government, but as hedge funds are so enormously wealthy and can afford the best legal team in the world, who will win is not so easily determined.

In a world where the law has determined that unlimited campaign contributions are allowed, those with more wealth have increasing influence over political outcomes for better or worse.

An author discusses her book about the inside world of hedge funds and what happens when the US Government went after one of the Top Hedge fund owners for insider trading.

Here’s the shortened version: Interview 1

Here’s the chock full of details interview: Interview 2

Is Earth the Only Source of Life in The Universe?

Here’s an interesting article discussing the complexities and probabilities of life existing elsewhere beyond Earth.

Despite the enormous size of the universe and new discoveries that show sun and planet systems with the potential for life, we have yet to detect or discover even the simplest form of life thus far, much less intelligent life like our own.

If one believes life creation is a random event, it stands to reason that based on the size of the universe and countless possibilities, there must at least be several other planets harboring intelligent life of some sort. The problem is we don’t know how rare this random event is.

The hurdles/odds for there to be other civilizations that have begun to explore space is as follows:

  1. Planet conditions have to spontaneously create life from materials available on the planet (abiogenesis).
  2. Life has to bloom and evolve to reach high enough levels of intelligence to form civilizations.
  3. The intelligent life has to reach a technological level that enables them to send signals beyond their planet and/or begin listening for signals coming from outer space.

The odds for each of these occurring may be so high that it becomes highly mathematically improbable that all three could happen. That would make Earth the super special lottery winner in all the universe to have all these events occur.

The food for thought is it may not be a foregone conclusion that there MUST by other intelligent life in the universe despite the vast number of planets out there. We have also yet to find another planet that can sustain life on Earth, making Earth a rare gem indeed.

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“Yes Collusion!” Trump Makes History in Saying He Doesn’t Mind Violating Federal Laws Colluding with Foreign Powers

Last week in an interview Trump opening and willingly declared he would be willing to take negative information about his political opponents from foreign countries, in violation of our FEC election laws.

When the interviewer reminded Trump that the FBI Director has stated that accepting foreign intelligence on political opponents is a violation of federal law, Trump replied that the FBI director is wrong. 🧐 That statement was FALSE!

That FALSE statement prompted the Federal Election Chair to issue her own statement backing the FBI Directors statement on foreign collusion on US elections being against the law:

This puts us into historical uncharted waters. Have we ever had a president so openly and deliberately flout US law to the point of rebuking the FBI director for having dared to state the TRUTH about foreign collusion being against the law???

What makes this so incredibly bizarre is that through the Mueller Investigation, Trump has proclaimed that he didn’t and would never collude with a foreign power. Now he’s openly admitting he’s fine with it???😲

Out of all the things Trump has done that has made the news, this one stands out by a long shot. The President of the United States is saying it’s okay to break federal laws and undermine American independence by accepting foreign help to win elections! 🀯 For ardent Trump supporters who don’t care, would you feel the same way if a Dem president did this. Think about how you would feel if Obama made such a statement?!? Hillary got the “Lock her up!” chant for being sloppy with security on her private email server, but now we have a President embracing breaking the law!

Former Waitress & School Drop Out Says Making Β£100K/yr Trading: Legit or Scam?

I just read an article about a woman who changed her career from being a waitress to successful trader and according to the article, is on track to make Β£100K pounds this year, and all this from taking a Forex trading class.

If true, this is a stupendous achievement and she deserves all the high praise and credit. However, I noticed several red flags when reading the article that make me think all is not as it seems and it may be an elaborate advertisement to pay $$$ for a trading class.

First off, learning how to successfully trade is an endeavor that many try, but only a choice few succeed. The odds against reaching the point of being able to trade for a living have been reported as low as 3% and that even the best odds are at ~20%, as in out of 100 people who attempt trading, only 20 will succeed in not losing money and even fewer will be able to achieve high returns on a consistent basis. So the odds of someone just casually walking in and trying and succeeding at trading are very slim.

Next, while many trading courses are offered for sale for prices that range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, the internet is full of sorrowful tales of those who spent big bucks on these classes, only to not gain any new skills and still not be able to successfully trade. Personally speaking, I have yet to meet anyone successful at trading that got their skills from a class rather than being self taught or having been lucky enough to have a friend/relative as a mentor.

The vast bulk of trading classes are mostly set to lure in the “get rich quick” type of folks who are looking for shortcuts to success. As we know in life – there are very few if any shortcuts in achieving highly sought after goals/rewards. So I have a high amount of skepticism that a school drop out can take a trading class on a whim and instantly find such huge success.

The pictures included in the article also stand out as red flags in that they mostly show conspicuous lavish spending- as if to set the mood that she is now living a life of luxury and easy living.

The typical tell-tale sign of “potential scam” is when trading “guru’s” show pictures of ostentatious wealth, suggesting that “you too can have this lifestyle if you pay for their course/training”. In reality, successful traders and those from other professions don’t go around showing off their wealth.

Like I said earlier, if the story is legit, then congratulations are in order, but I get more of a vibe that this is really a commercial for paying $$$ for a Forex class rather than a genuine financial success story.

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Injured Hiker Gets Airlift, but Things take a Surprising “NASA- Like” Turn

A woman in Arizona injured her ankle while hiking and needed to be airlifted out.

The rescue helicopter came and hooked her pallet up to a cable be lifted into the helicopter which was unable to land due to the terrain.

Things went awry when the pallet the woman was on began to spin as it was raised towards the helicopter. There is a special cable attached that is supposed to prevent this from happening but it wasn’t working and the woman continued to spin faster and faster, now resembling something you would see at a NASA astronaut testing site. 😲

The good news is despite the intensity and speed at which she was spinning, it was reported that she suffered no harm from that except feelings of some dizziness and nausea. πŸ₯΄πŸ€’

I would think if she stayed conscious during that ordeal, she should qualify to be admitted to NASA’s program! πŸ‘©β€πŸš€πŸš€

Western States Finally Get Seasonal Temps 😎

Hard to believe but the last week in May had temps in California and the west coast feeling more like early spring rather than knocking on the door to summer.

Last Week Day Time Temps (F):

Day Time Temps (C):

Night Temps (F):

Night Temps (C):

Look at that big “cold blue” temp range incursion that was happening at night. πŸ₯Ά

The jet stream was doing weird things with bringing cold air in deep into the US on the west and them climb back up towards the east. You can see the path by tracing out the yellow line as you go from west to east. On one side was very cold air and the other side hot air and that causes very unstable weather when they mix. This is also why the US has experienced a record number of storms and tornadoes this year.

Trump Tariffs 101: They Raise Prices on Americans

Last Thursday evening Trump, self described as “Tariff Man”, declared he would start imposing a 5% tariff on Mexico this month because he was not satisfied with the way Mexico was dealing with illegal immigration crossing over into America. Furthermore, the rate is set to increase by 5% every month through October that Trump remains unsatisfied, for a maximum tariff of 25%.

To no one’s surprise, the market tanked on the news of this new set of tariffs to close out the week on Friday in the red:

The market has been in decline since Trump began ramping up tariff rhetoric against China, whom he has set a 25% tariff on.

When Trump refers to his tariffs, he always makes it sound like the country getting the tariff is the one who will be paying the cost of them. That’s not how tariffs work.

A tariff raises the cost of the selling price of the product. If a product being sold in America that was imported from a country with a tariff, the price of the product for sale will be increased by the amount of the tariff. Who pays it? You the consumer if you normally buy that product. So for example if some imported thing you brought previously cost $1.00, it will now cost $1.25 with a 25% tariff. A $200 item will now cost $250, and so on. The main point is the American consumer will be paying the extra costs! πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

When the cost of goods go up due to tariffs, it will have the same effect as inflation, which slows the economy and is bad for the market.

The next time you go shopping, pay close attention to the products you buy, and where they originated from. You will find that most of the products sold in America are imported – coming from companies that have located their factories to countries where the cost of labor is less.

Much of the products we buy including many electronics like cellphones, computers, and TV’s come from China. The bulk of our autos and fruits/vegetables come from Mexico. It’s easy to see why news of more tariffs would have a negative effect on the economy and market.

So who is benefiting from these tariffs? Certainly not the American people paying the extra costs.

Automation Nation: The Self-Driving Robot Trucks Have Arrived!

In 2017, I wrote a blog about the coming wave of automation that most will not be ready for.

Here it is in 2019 and we see more and more evidence of the impending automation wave.

The United States Postal Service is now using self driving trucks to test delivery of mail between Phoenix, Arizona, and Dallas, Texas.

If the test proves successful, you can be sure they will be ramping up to more cities and it won’t be long before other shipping companies follow suit.

Clearly this isn’t good news for human truck drivers, who will have to compete with a robot that doesn’t need sleep.

The new world of AI/Robotics is arriving fast and furious and all areas will be impacted, affecting human jobs across all fields.

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