Hospital Wheels Out and Abandons Disoriented Patient Outside into Below Freezing Temps

In our current medical system where access to medical care is based on whether you can afford good insurance, hospitals run into problems with having to care for patients who arrive and may not have adequate or even any insurance.  Uninsured or under-insured patients put a financial drain on hospitals which cut into the bottom line of profits. If this person is homeless, it becomes problematic on what to do with an uninsured patient. Some ruthless hospital admin have resorted to the act of “patient dumping”, where a hospital will just remove a patient from the hospital and abandon them somewhere on the street.

This latest case in the news shows a guy who captured on his phone a group of Baltimore Hospital staff wheeling a patient out of the building and leaving her at a bus stop in freezing weather wearing only a patient gown. She appears mentally disoriented and unable to respond to the situation.


This is the latest horrific example of what happens in a society that doesn’t have universal health care services, and is heartbreaking on many levels. The easy target would be the security guards who threw her out in that condition, but it’s clear they were ordered to do so by someone in admin. Not that the guards are blameless – following orders to put someone helpless in a life threatening situation should be a criminal offense.

The choice we are going to have to make as a society is if this is the type of system we want- survival of the fittest and those who don’t have the financial means to get help are cast aside and ignored, or something more inclusive and humane?

Trump has stated that his “health plan” will stop people dying in the street, but in reality, he had no specific health plan to offer and left it up to the GOP to craft one, and all they did was attempt to gut the current ACA rather than do anything to fix the problem of the increasing uninsured. Had the good Samaritan not intervened, this women could have surely died from exposure.



Why I Live in San Diego



I’ve never been a big fan of cold weather, having grown up and attended school in cold/snow zones. There has been some unseasonably cold temps in California the last couple of weeks thanks to the jet stream bringing arctic air so far south, but this week has seen a nice pay back with So Cal having some unseasonably warm temps of 75+ degrees these last two days. Today it hit 80 in San Diego. Sure, it’s an anomaly that will fade fast just like those freak warmer temps in the northeast and we’ll be headed back to the 50’s/60’s and lower, but it was a great break from the colder temps that invaded last week.



2016 Already? New Year Delayed Updates

There’s a reason for a absence of blog activity. Shortly after the year started, I managed to catch some “bug” that’s been going around the area. This caught me off guard since it’s been years since I’ve caught a cold in Cali.

This put a monkey wrench in activity this month with having little energy for anything – although I did muster the strength to get some lottery tix for that $1.6 billion jackpot.

Thanks to the new tech advancements of special cameras and time lapse photography I was able to capture the area of initial infection as the virus entered the body, and the corresponding battle with a the body’s fighter cells:


Now I’m in catch-up mode, but blogging will be resuming shortly.


Week of Miscellaneous Updates

Today is Friday the 13th for the superstitious among us….

There were three winners to the Powerball Lottery Jackpot on Wednesday 2/11, which climbed up to a decent $564 million prize due to all the additional buying by folks who don’t normally play. When the prize amount reaches true odds, I’ll get a ticket.

One of the winners is a mother who had to quit her job to care for her kids. Nice to see someone win who can really use the money. Hopefully she avoids the excesses of newfound wealth that has ruined other big winners that are filed under “lottery curse”. She sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders, but she’s already made what could be considered a mistake – revealing herself to the public. Now she will be besieged by that many more folks for a slice of the lottery pie winnings.

It must be a surreal feeling to wake up one day and find yourself a multi, mutli millionaire. Any concerns you had about money instantly evaporate, and you are left with lots of interesting choices going forward.


The weather this year has been a tale of East and West, with the eastern States suffering under brutally cold temps while the western States enjoy an above average mild winter weather.


I was checking the temps of Boston and New York – both below freezing and going as low as single digits with many areas outsides the cities going into negative temps without even factoring wind-chill. The few weeks I was there was more than enough for me.

Meanwhile, it’s been in the mid 80’s during the day in Cali, with temps about 20 degrees higher than normal. It feels like summer. The only difference between now and “real” summer is the temps drop fast at night and the mornings can be brisk.

Part of me absolutely loves this extra warm spell we’re having, but there is a dark side to this weather pattern as well. Nice weather means less to no rain, which makes the multi year drought situation worse. One side of the country is getting too much precipitation and the other side not enough.

The trading week has been quite eventful. In a way, it was a rotten week in trading thanks to my own mistakes, but it was a great week thanks to the results of analyzing those mistakes.

I’m learning that new abilities lead to over confidence, which leads to making unforced errors….although this lesson isn’t new. It’s just shows up from time to time as a refresher to keep the ego in check.

I’m also realizing the continued huge benefit of after market analysis. For anyone who truly wants to learn how to read and trade the markets, there is no substitute for carefully analyzing all of one’s trades at the end of the day when all the market data is in. At the end of the day, you have the full answer key to compare to one’s actions during the day. Figuring out where the errors were made and what could have been improved on is what gets your brain in problem solving mode. It may take a while, a long while, but eventually your subconscious starts processing answers.

The results of this week’s analysis has led to another clearer understanding of market behavior that will be a big help in taking trades more often with recognizing more daily trading  as well as long term investing set ups.

The market reached new all time highs today, and the old me would have been affected by the seemingly contradictory market climb vs sluggish factors of the economy. Now where the market is doesn’t affect me at all nor does any economic forecasts. All I see is market movement and the battle between support and resistance.


Some Folks Leave their Heart in San Francisco, but I left my Backside in New York

Because it froze off in the frigid temps these past few weeks…..shudder…


I typically do what I can to avoid winter travel back east since I’ve already experienced more than enough freezing temps, but sometimes situations and schedules call the shots.

Had to buy a winter cap as my ears were in icy agony.

Being back in 72 degree San Diego never felt so good.