Child Becomes Millionaire by Simply Playing with Toys

Outside of inheriting money or winning the lottery, one of the keys to achieving wealth is to come up with new ideas, or recycle old ones to appear new and hope it can trigger a trend. Ironically, these are ideas that many typically wouldn’t even consider because they don’t seem promising. The first big idea like this is “The Pet Rock”, which most of us would consider the idea of people paying good money to buy a rock as a pet to be pretty absurd, and yet it became a big seller and made the inventor a millionaire.

The above example shows you don’t have to be a super genius and create a new type of computer or telephone like Steve Wozniak or Steve Jobs. You just need to have that magic mix of creativity coupled with entrepreneurial drive.

A modern example of this is all those taking advantage of social media, and in this case, a family that posts videos of their kid opening and playing with new toys. Now think about it, most people would think showing videos of your kids to others would be boring to non family and only done to trapped audiences such as at home parties. But Ryan’s parents thought otherwise and created a YouTube Channel devoted to their son experiencing new toys to play with. That decision turned out to be a good one, as their channel ranks #1 in earnings at $22 Million for 2018.

Ryan is now in the enviable position of being financially independent years before he actually knows what that means, or even cares. 😁





Bad Decision Theater: DON’T Tell Roommates You Won the Lottery BEFORE You Turn in the Ticket

Piles and stacks of money – coins and US dollars

Imagine this- you purchase a lottery ticket and find out you won. What do you do next? Tell all your friends, neighbors, and family, or keep it to yourself and perhaps only those closest to you until you are able to turn in the ticket and claim the prize?

Logic says we live in a world where people will threaten your life just from the daily amount of money in your purse or wallet, how much more for a tidy lottery payout- so it’s best you keep news of winnings on the down-low at least until your winnings are secured.

This gentleman committed bad decision #1 when he won a scratcher lottery ticket, and decided to share the good news with his roommates that he won $10,000 prior to turning the ticket in.

The next day he goes to a lottery office to turn the ticket in, but there’s a problem- the ticket he has isn’t a winning ticket. He then realized that one of his roommates must have replaced his winning ticket with a losing one while he slept. This immediately brings up bad decision #2 – why would you let the winning ticket be apart from you to allow someone to pull the “old switcheroo”? Clearly this guy is trusting/naive to a fault. 🙄

The guy then posts a criminal complaint with the lottery office, and the winning ticket number is flagged so that it will get extra scrutiny if/when someone turns it in.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before one of the roommates attempted to turn in the lottery ticket, and the lottery ticket is actually much more that $10,000. This brings up bad decision #3 – failing to learn to read correctly or being able to identify number values as noted in print. The guy whose ticket was stolen thought it was for $10,000, but he was off by 3 factors of 10- the ticket was worth $10 million!!! 😲

Since the ticket had been flagged as stolen, the criminal roommate was arrested when he tried to cash in the ticket. Then they reviewed the store video recording to confirm the victim was actually the rightful owner of the ticket.

So the story has a good ending, but I’d be worried about the guy holding onto his money with a track record of so many bad decisions…


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Texas Bank ATM Gets Holiday Spirit and Doles Out Free Money

If you used a particular ATM is Houston on Nov 27, you would have been surprised to see that your withdrawal request resulted in the bank giving you much more money that you requested without adding it to your account debit.

Was the machine suddenly possessed by a spirit of generosity? Not quite… The actual reason was an ATM service technician incorrectly restocked the machine and placed a stack of $100’s in the dispenser that deals out $10’s. So whenever anyone received what the bank thought was $10, it was actually $100.

Of course, to no ones surprise, once word got out that the ATM was giving out $100 for each $10 withdrawal, that ATM became quite popular and was swarmed by people.🤑

The bank eventually caught on and took the ATM out of service, but in a surprise move, rather than trying to reclaim the excess money distributed to those ATM users, issued a statement that everyone who participated in that windfall could keep the money.  A Christmas miracle! 💰💰


Armored Truck Doors Open up on Freeway: Dumps Out $600K On the Road


Here’s one traffic jam you wouldn’t mind being stuck in. Apparently the doors of an armored truck weren’t properly locked and they opened up when then truck was on the highway, dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash along the road.


As can be expected, most vehicles behind the literal windfall stopped to collect the cash.



After awhile the police appeared and rained on everyone’s parade by telling everyone to return the money or face the risk of being charged with theft.

According the to report some vehicles had left the scene earlier with bags of cash.