Heat Wave Bullseye Hits Southern California

I’ve been watching heat waves make their way across the US- from the Midwest, then northeast/east coast areas.  I feared it was only a matter of time before the flame lottery lot went to the Southwest/west coast. The news folks forecast confirmed the impending heatwave for the west to arrive after the 4th of July into the weekend.

Despite that forecast, it was hard to believe since the weather in San Diego earlier this week was near perfect, as it usually is with warm days and cool nights. The weather folks get rain forecasts wrong often, perhaps they were erring here as well?

Unfortunately, they were in the correct zone as we hit later in the week, literally just a day after the nice temps on the 4th, the temp starting jumping rapidly from the 70’s to the mid/upper 80’s. Then on Friday this happened:


Heat Miser and his Scorch Troops before the Southwest heat wave Invasion:


Friday unleashed the fire zone bullseye:



Cast your eyes to the lower left, showing So Cal and Az in the heat zone epicenter. 🔥 🔥 🔥  Solid triple digits in many areas, temp records getting broken for this time of year.  The cool nights of the mid 60’s got swapped with sultry nights of upper 80’s.  Heat Miser got us with precision targeting. As they say in Star Trek vernacular: “Direct hit Scotty!” 🎯

Yup, this is what we have for the weekend and beyond for the next several days. 🌡️🔥☀️

It feels like a blast furnace outside- way too hot, even for the beach. Fortunately the weather in this area is typically decent and aberrations like this don’t last long.




Why I Live in San Diego



I’ve never been a big fan of cold weather, having grown up and attended school in cold/snow zones. There has been some unseasonably cold temps in California the last couple of weeks thanks to the jet stream bringing arctic air so far south, but this week has seen a nice pay back with So Cal having some unseasonably warm temps of 75+ degrees these last two days. Today it hit 80 in San Diego. Sure, it’s an anomaly that will fade fast just like those freak warmer temps in the northeast and we’ll be headed back to the 50’s/60’s and lower, but it was a great break from the colder temps that invaded last week.



Some Folks Leave their Heart in San Francisco, but I left my Backside in New York

Because it froze off in the frigid temps these past few weeks…..shudder…


I typically do what I can to avoid winter travel back east since I’ve already experienced more than enough freezing temps, but sometimes situations and schedules call the shots.

Had to buy a winter cap as my ears were in icy agony.

Being back in 72 degree San Diego never felt so good.



The Heat Wave is Upon Us

The heat wave that has been torturing so much of the US has finally hit the west coast.

I call this the “east coast sim mode” since the heat and humidity rivals the mugginess/stickiness of a typical sweltering NYC day that I have not so fond memories of.


The magic part of San Diego is that typically at night the temps drop rapidly – to the tune of 15 to 20+ degrees cooler than the highs of the day.

Unfortunately, that wonderful feature isn’t currently present – the first time in the history of my living here that this is the case. =( It cooled down slightly, but not that much:


It feels just as hot and muggy as it did during the day, another reminder of those “lovely” east coast nights I try not to remember.

I guess you can call me spoiled since extended humidity is rare out here, so I find this more discomforting than going back east during the winter.

The silver lining is this is an aberration that hopefully won’t hang out for more than another week or so.