In Time for The Bomb Cyclone and Polar Vortex: Snow Miser!

Snow Miser is clearly in control and having his way in 2018



Snow Miser Country!




Why I Live in San Diego



I’ve never been a big fan of cold weather, having grown up and attended school in cold/snow zones. There has been some unseasonably cold temps in California the last couple of weeks thanks to the jet stream bringing arctic air so far south, but this week has seen a nice pay back with So Cal having some unseasonably warm temps of 75+ degrees these last two days. Today it hit 80 in San Diego. Sure, it’s an anomaly that will fade fast just like those freak warmer temps in the northeast and we’ll be headed back to the 50’s/60’s and lower, but it was a great break from the colder temps that invaded last week.



Back from NYC

Spent some time in the Big Apple visiting and helping family. The mass transit there is continually improving. You can now get to/from the airports easily via train or bus for just the cost of a regular fare or slightly higher. This means you don’t have to harass ask a friend or family member to do pick ups or drop offs.

The best time to visit New York is during the spring or fall in my opinion as the weather is typically the most mellow then without having to encounter the sweltering summer heat or chilling winter ice blasts.

I made it a point to vacate before the hordes of Thanksgiving travelers got in full gear, and the timing was good as old man winter is bearing down with an arctic blast from Canada this weekend.